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New start again

Well have decided to restart again. Tomorrow is the start of a brand new me have recently had a birthday with a zero in it and need to take stock. Have spent 90%. Of my life over wt and im fed up of my life revolving around food . Im a typical emotional eater and turn to food when upset angry stressed. Dont really like food as ive always had such a poor relationship with it. Ive got about 5 st to loose did Lt /exante last year and lost 35 lb but its all gone back on. Need to take back controll again and stopin eatin is good for me as i dont have to make choices. Well all set for start tomorow didnt have a diary last time so have decided to do one this time. Have been reading so many wonderful stories a d support offered . Hope it helps this time. Thanks for listening if anyone is out there. New day tomorow here i come.
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Well so far so good had iced latte for b/fast at 8.45. Busying myself with lots of energetic cleaning. Always struggle with water at w/end drink about 4 lt durring day in the week but struggle when im busy at home then binge water in the eve resulting in waking early to pee! Heyho mood good and sun shinning. Need to keep posting as i think it may keep me on the straight and narrow. Been around the site for about a yr but not rearly used it just read for motivation so this time im going to ramble in the hope it helps me stay the course. More ramble to follow after abit more cleaning. Bfn together we will do it. Xx
Thanks for all your support. So far so good just had choc orange bar put it in the fridge so it would last longer ! Yeh right!! :) ate it whilst cooking boys lunch which helped. Would normally sit and enjoy it but thought i might pick at what i was cooking for them so ate it whilst cooking. Long time till last shake had 1 lt water must get some more down me. More cleaning here i come. Bfn xx


Violet is shrinking
Well done on starting back with it...wishing you lots of luck :)
Many thanks well done on your fantastic achievement to date. Your obviously have great strength and determination. :happy096: xx
Well back to work today had a really good day 100% till 8 pm then not sure what happend but i ate 3 biscs didnt really want them as planned to sit down with iced banana shake. Why oh why do we do it so feeling really angry and fed up withmy self now. Only got myself to blame i always go and and spoil things. Think i need to hang up my jeans some where that i want to get into in 7 weeks as motivation. Going to bed with a bag on. :( mxx
Well had a good day so far iced mocha with cinnamon shake for breakfast bar for lunch and looking forward to shake this eve when l can sit down and enjoy. Must stay focused when l get home and not be tempted to pick whilst cookin for everyone else. Had 3ltr of water so far so all in all a good day. Hope you are all doing well Bfn xx :)
Well feeling at an all time low with my wt feeling ill. Heartburn bloated sick and tired of putting food in my mouth and feel that lm growing larger by the day. Health suffering and feel very old. Arguing with myself as to return to exante or ww. Feel that i need a boost to get me going so maybe exante for the first 3 stone. Think its so much easier to do exante the first time but harder with each new start. This will be my 3 start and have put all my wt back on lost 35lb first time felt great to be in controll of my eating and not the other way round. Need to ponder my options have got 2 weeks of exante shakes left from last time.
Go for it, you will do it! Only you stopping g yourself from being a complete success
Just trying to decide when to start back. Plan:
1. Use up shakes already have.
2. Know l can loose a stone in the first 2 weeks.
3. Reorder packs for a month and take it a month at a time.
3. If faltering go to ww to loose the rest.
When to start !!?? Big part of me wants to start on sat as not doing anything over new yr , find new depressing and just like to go tp bed and wake up when its all over. Or shall i wait till monday will ponder today and make a decsion.
im restarting properly on the 3rd, need this weight gone goodluck xxxx
Well have decided to start tomorow a fresh no good looking back to what has happend or what l have lost in the past just what l am going to do in the present. Looking forward to not making food choices. Will update in the morning.
Well feeling good rarring togo. Just had iced mocha whilst preparing cawl with all the left overs. Tree down next job ,will update tracker later, dogs been out whoooo bring it on. Bfn xx
Brilliant, it's great when you are able to get your mindset 'into the zone'. I have had enough of Christmas excess and am looking forward to the buzz of ketosis - hopefully by the weekend in preparation to go back to work without the Christmas 'bloat'. Best of luck :D

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