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New Start

Well today I started back on PEP plan properly. Promise to write down and count every morsel that passes my lips. Will concentrate on the first 7lbs first of all, and work at it like that.

Im fed up feeling horrible, and self concious. I absolutely hate my "muffin top" tummy, and the only person who can do something about it is me, so, its time to get on with it.

Will be looking through new book I got at SS, and also looking at my old ones. Will write a shopping list, and today is the first day of the new healthy me.
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Hiya, hopefully this will be third time lucky. Have tried writing this twice before but my stupid puter keeps crashing!!!!!!! What I was trying to say was, good on you hen!!!!!!! Its a wee bit easier working 7lbs at a time. Sometimes the big picture seems so far away. Will your weigh in day be Thurs? Look forward to chumming you along the way.
Janey xx
Hi Janey,
My weigh in day is going to either be thursdays or saturdays, will have to decide :confused:.
Glad your hear as us scottish slimmers seam to be thin on the round in here !!!
How are you getting on?? Your weight loss so far is brilliant, how much are you planning to loose in total ? i would like to loose 2 stone.
Hiya, I'm getting there. Yeah not many scottish slimmers on here. I actually think we are the only 2 at the mo. Been scouting about trying to find others but none that seem to be on the site much.
I started at 18 9 so wanna lose 7 9 nearly a whole person!!!! Had a couple of drinks last night. Went for vodka cause its low in checks. Had 4 and boy do I feel ill this morning. Wont be doing that again!!!
Good luck with your weigh in if its this morning. xxx
Hi Janey2004,

You'll loose the weight no prob's ;). Went to weigh and go today and had put on .5lb so am now 12 5.5lb. So fresh start today. Had a good day so thats a good start.
Hangover :jelous: nothin worse. Funny how sometimes you can have loads to drink and not suffer to much and then have a few and be so ill!!! Hope your feelin better soon.
Yeah weird that, but not had sprits in ages and I did go out on an empty stomache........not good!!!!!!!!
Fresh starts are always the best kind. You know where you are then. you will get down to target no bother. Hey you could start a wee diary. One of the girls on here suggested it to me, its a good way of looking back and you can blether away to you hearts content(like I do most of the time) its a good way of getting to know people on the site. There are some truely lovely people on here. Actually some pretty amazing people!!!!!! So onwards and downwards for us 2 gals.
Whats your name btw if you dont mind telling me.

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