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New starter - Food help!!

Hi Guys, I am new to this forum things aswell as xenical so bare with me! I am starting with xeneical next week and want to write a meal plan for the week. I get the 15g a meal rule but I have also heard if you don't eat enough fat the tablets won't have anything to work with, help! Also when I look at the back of food items none of them ever seem to reach 15 grams anyway, am I looking at this wrong! One of my friends has a pre packaged burger that you microwave and that only has 10g of fat in it..I'm guessing I am looking at this wrong? Any meal ideas or food help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks x
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Not such a fat kat now :)
Hi yes you're looking at it wrong. Look at the 100 g of fat not the portion size.
It needs to have 5 g or less of fat per 100g .
Look in the stickies section there is a really good explanation for new starters.

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Hi, it is very daunting in the first few weeks.Getting your head round this 5 grams per 100 grams thing,but it does get easier.Make sure you have enough time when you first go shopping as you'll need it.It does get easier and soon you'll find its the first thing you do when you pick up something new. Good luck x
No no no step away from the burger lol!

First couple of weeks I found it hard but now it's like second nature!!!

The xen has worked fine for me & most days I only have about 15-20g fat total. For me they are more like willpower x
Lexie2005 said:
First couple of weeks I found it hard but now it's like second nature!!!
So true, I bought the friend I'm staying with chocolate truffles as I'm no longer interested in chocolate so I knew it wouldn't be a problem to refuse them when offered. She's happily eating the box.
I definately wouldnt eat the burger was just looking at different foods to understand the jist of it! Im glad you said about having 15-20 grams of fat a day because everything im planning to eat definately doesnt add up to 45 a day and wondered if that would stop the tablets working as i have seen people say that too little fat stops the tablet working because they dont have anything to get rid of. Thanks Lexi! xx


Not such a fat kat now :)
Little fat doesn't stop the tablet working as xen only gets rid of 1/3 rd of the fat you eat anyway . If you are only having 20 g of fat a day then it's pointless taking them as you are eating a very low fat diet however be careful as you do need fat in your diet and a 'noemal' persons fat content should be 75g per day so 20 g is possibly too low to keep your body healthy

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Not such a fat kat now :)
No you only eat 45g per day. This is what a person losing weight and on xenical should aim for.
75g is what a normal , non dieting person should be eating. That's why 20g is way too low for anyone. Your body still needs fats to survive and be nutritionally banded and healthy.

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This is tricky isn't it. How do you manage to eat 45g of fat a day? Just if you are choosing less than 5g / 100g fat foods.

I haven't started yet so a days food diary to show this would be good.

I love salmon and know it is higher, is it something anyne can tolerate with the tablets?

Its so difficult. Ive written myself a shopping list and mine dont add up to 45 a day, just hope it doesnt stop them working. Don't know how to bump the fat up really? Its working for you though isnt it lexie? X
Hi sammi i have been on them for 8 weeks and have lot 15 lbs and dont have 45g a day of fat. My nurse says im doing great. So i dont think u have to have all the fat to make them work.
I think that as they get rid of a third of the fat the more you eat the more they'd get rid of but I don't want to do it like this. For me this is not a diet it's a lifestyle change which I need to stick too once the xen is no longer taken. Everyone has a different idea though hey x


Not such a fat kat now :)
It just gets rid of 1/3 rd of the fat . If you're eating so low anyway my doc says it's pointless takiing them as it's you doing the job not the tablets as they would be getting rid of so little

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With me though Kat the tablets stop me from eating the stuff I know I shouldn't for fear of the side effects, I don't have the willpower on my own else I wouldn't have ended up weighing what I do x

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