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  1. PickyNicky

    PickyNicky Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Nicky- just thought I'd introduce myself, as I'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow and think I'll be needing your support! I've been lurking a lot on Minimins, and seeing the brilliant weight losses of people on this board has really spurred me on to make the jump myself.

    I visited my local pharmacy this afternoon, and although I have my packs I thought they were pretty useless! I had to ask them to weigh me, they didn't know how many packs to give me, and didn't ask me to complete the medical questionnaire until I pointed it out to them. Luckily I had done some research in advance and knew a little of what to expect.

    I was wondering if this was the norm, and what kind of support (if any) we should expect from the pharmacy? Based on my experience so far, this forum will be far more helpful!

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  3. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hi and welcome Nicky. Pharmacists vary with how helpful they are. I find this forum much more use and you always get your questions answered quickly. Stick to LT 100% and make sure you drink plenty of water and the weight will drop off. Good luck, not that you'll need it. Just take each day at a time and the time really does fly by.
  4. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Hi everyone think i posted n the wrong thread lol but....................
    .......I am struggling to stay on track.
    I started the LT on Sunday so i am on my 4th day, today has been the hardest for me as my daughters food looks delicious an keeps shouting eat me eat me!!!
    Im hungry but have stuck to it regimentally cause i know what the results can be. Going off my scales I have lost 8 lbs and in 4 days thats bloody good going but....!
    How can i keep motivated and not fail, i really dont want to at all.
    I started off at 11st 10lbs
    my first weigh in is on saturday HELP plz:confused::confused::confused::confused::confus ed::confused::confused::confused::confused::confus ed::confused::confused:
  5. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hi Gemsywemsy! My weigh in day is Saturday too. It keeps you going through the weekend and you're not tempted to eat anything cos you'll just have had your great results that day. That food might be calling you but isn't being slim calling you louder?

    Stick to this 100% and the results are great. Keep drinking plenty of water and keep your goals in mind, you can get through this first week and once you do your first weigh in result will really spur you on for week 2.
  6. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Thanks Bev but my word is this hard, i have never experienced anything like it ever!!!
    I just cant drink the water it makes me gag, i love the shakes they taste nice but the water is a big issue for me!!!! x
  7. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hi Nicky!

    Welcome! If it's okay with you I'm going to copy your experience at the chemist into a letter I'm putting together to Lipotrim in the hope that they'll be able to pull everyone together to be singing from the same hymn sheet. I don't know if it'll do any good but wanted to let them know what's going on - with their own staff as well! I won't name you, just quote your experience.

    You'll find out everything you need to know on here. My experience has been that this is the simplest diet there is - hardly any choices, no prep, no need to think about food but plenty of time, if you want it, to think about your relationship with food and start to put things right there!
    It can be a bit tough in the beginning but if you've got the right head on that soon passes. I recommend you read a thread entitled "Two types of people who do a VLCD" In the VLCD forum.

    Stick to it 100% drink drink drink the water (try sparkling, soda, try it warm, hot, cold - however you can get it down basically) and you'll get where you want to be quicker than you ever thought possible.

    Good Luck!! :) xx

    Gemsy - read the thread I mentioned above ... you really have to get your head in the right place! Good Luck! x
  8. PickyNicky

    PickyNicky Member

    Thanks for the replies; I've already learned a lot from reading through the threads here. Jan- feel free to copy my experiences into your letter. I'm feeling incredibly focused and excited to get started, but I was a little concerned about the disorganised way the pharmacy dealt with me today. It could potentially put some people off the diet.

    Thanks for the tips too- I chose Lipotrim for the reasons mentioned- limited choices so I don't have to think much about what I'm eating, and to help me retrain my brain and give me space to work on my relationship with food. My only worry is how I'm going to manage the water. I never drink water, only diet fizzy drinks, and often go all day without drinking anything! This is going to be a massive change for me in lots of ways, but that can only be a good thing.

    I'm so excited to get started, I'm off to bed early (well anything before midnight is early for me) so that tomorrow will come around more quickly!

  9. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Hi PickyNicky
    Like the other said, unfortunately, all pharmacies differ....sorry to hear of your will find all the support you need on here.
    Good luck for this week.

  10. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Hi Gemsywemsy
    Hang in have got through the worst really and will now be in ketosis. It certainly gets easier. It is like having a little holiday from food and it is actually refreshing and quite liberating.
    I have to prepare and cook my husbands meals and at first it was hard, but now, it is ok and I think it isnt forever and cope with it. I can appreciate the smells, etc..but I dont want to have it.
    Just keep your goal in mind..I want to be thin, so I have to make sacrifices.
    It is difficult, but I am sure you will agree being fitter and healthier and thinner probably outweighs some food.
    Keep going and just jump on here for some inspiration, help and even a little telling off now and again :) Does us no harm.
    Almost at wk 1 weigh in, which will be wonderful and you will realise it was worth it.
  11. Doirin

    Doirin Positivity is the key

    Hi Nicky,
    welcome, you seem driven which is great, sorry your chemist sounds like a twit, as a female you should have 21 sachets in a week, 3 each day, so hopefully they gave you the right ammount. Is there another chemist you could use, as their attitude when you weigh in is important. However for support, guidance and motivation you have come to the right place, so make sure you come on here as often as you can. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Hi Gemsywemsy,
    Hope you are feeling better, you are almost in ketosis and when you are you won't even contemplate that food, so stick with it, only 2 days to weigh in and you will have a lovely surprise when you get there. Best of luck.
  12. PickyNicky

    PickyNicky Member

    Thanks Doirin, unfortunately there isn't another chemist in my area, or I probably would have tried another. My current one is 5 minutes from my home, so at least its convenient. The lady initially brought about 35 packs out for me, and asked me how many I needed! I had read up on the website so I was able to put her straight and told her 21!

    It's not too much of a problem though- luckily my family and friends are really supportive and have encouraged me to go for it, so with the help of them and all the Lipotrimmers here, I think I will have all the help I need!

  13. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Just wanted to say, I think it's really great you've told family and friends that you're doing this. It's so important to have support from somewhere whilst you're on this. I know a lot of people don't tell anyone they're on it but I found that people knowing meant there was no hiding it and making excuses. They all know and will be there to support you, that's really great.


    Hi Pickynicky, so glad you wasn't put off of doing LT, good job you had a peek at this forum to see how brilliantly it works, sadly, there must have been many potential people put off by the complete lack of professionalism. Good luck on your yourney.
  15. PickyNicky

    PickyNicky Member

    Thanks again for all your replies. I thought long and hard about telling people what I was doing, as I was a bit worried about negative comments. I had only ever done weight watchers and slimming world, and was one of the people who thought doing a vlcd was nuts! I would never comment on anyone elses choices, but in my head I thought the usual- too extreme, impossible to maintain etc. Then I realised spending 8 months losing and gaining the same half a stone was hardly a shining example of success!

    My family and friends know I would never try this diet unless I had researched it thoroughly, and was convinced it was completely safe. They really want to see my happy in myself again, so its far better for me to make the most of that.

    I've just finished my first shake- Strawberry, as I'm usually not keen on it and thought I'd get it out of the way. I'm surprised to say I really quite enjoyed it! Plus the way it magically changes colour when you add it to the water added a little extra excitement to my breakfast time(little things amuse me!)

  16. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    LOL! It amused me too the first time!:D


    ....wait until you get to the chocolate......:drool: yum,yum!!!
  18. LorraTB

    LorraTB Full Member

    Hi Pickynicky, congratulations on making the start. About water, keep a sports bottle with you all the time and just sip at it. I don't like drinking water, but if i can keep it to small mouthfuls each time I can get it down.
    I was thinking earlier that fitting the water in is like a military opperation for me. I have to make sure I have drunk so much an hour, because I'd never be able to glug it down, without it coming back up.
    Last edited: 12 June 2009
  19. PickyNicky

    PickyNicky Member

    Had the vanilla for lunch as I'm looking forward to the chocolate the most. Wasn't to keen until a whizzed a bit of coffee in there- much better.I'm doing OK so far with the water I think. I do have one of the sports cap bottles, and have managed a 750ml one of those, plus a couple of mugs of redbush tea (can't bear normal tea black, and black coffee makes my mouth feel like dirty old flip flop). I'm thinking if I manage at least one more 750ml bottle, plus a couple more teas, I should make around 2.5 litres- does this seem like enough?Nicky
  20. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    That's really the bear minimum but it's only day 1. If you can up it a bit as the days go on it would be better. Well done on your 1st day!! x
  21. BecciMac

    BecciMac Member

    Hi Nicky how have you been getting on?? I have just started the diet today. I had my first strawberry shake and thought i added too much water as was very week, but checked the pack and it does state 450mls.

    I am the same as you when it comes to drinking water, i dont drink tea or coffee so mostly fizzy pop or nothing all day!!

    It is almost 1pm and my hunger pains are really starting to get to me, so i had a glass of water and they have died down a little.

    Speak again soon x
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