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New Starter - Help

Hi all,

Happy new year to you guys!

I am going to be starting liptrim on Monday, can't wait! I am sort of scared as I know it will be tough but am also very excited.

I think I will be logging on here everyday for the support.

A few things that are worrying me is has anybody sugfered from constipation from this? If so how did you deal with it?

And secondly, I am 5 ft 1 and weigh 12. Stone. 7lbs. How long do you thimk it.will roughly take to lose about 3 stone?

Thirdly, I don't go by BMI I always go by fat content as athletes and body builders cab have BMI even though they hardly have any fat on them.

Final question, am worried about putting weight back on, instead of the maintenance programme are you able to follow a sensible eating plan?

Good luck to anybody starting this week. We can do it.
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Welcome to the forum raring, and good luck x x

A lot of us suffer/have suffered from constipation and i think most of us take psyllium husk to keep it at bay, rather than the fibreclear from LT... You can get psyllium husk from Ebay from a place called the Spiceworks, or use their website: The Spiceworks, Spice merchants of the worlds finest spices & herbs.....

They say a female averages around a stone a month, so if you are 100% you should lose just over 3 stone in 3 months (allowing for your 1st weigh in which is usually a greater loss).... I averaged 4lb per week last time... Signing up for the monthly challenges helps, and it's fun too!!

I have always believed (and it is my own opinion) that i would have problems over Xmas and New Year cos i think LT gives you a great boost for losing the weight, but doesn't give you any direction for learning new habits.. So after my 2nd round on LT (I purposely came off for Xmas)i will do the refeed and then i am going straight to Weight Watchers to learn portion control and healthy eating....

Good luck.. We are all here to support and help x x
Hi babes......

I agree with everything Su says! I had terrible problems with constipation and even resorted to having a colonic......if you have the stomach for it, it's all written down on my Blog! It can really get you down so if you have a problem come on here and seek advice....we have had pretty graphic poo threads over the months:eek:
hiya and welcome. good luck with starting on Monday. I have just started back after my Christmas break.

I suffered terribly with constipation i started using the fibre clear everyday and for me it did help. but i know not for others.

My plan is the same as Su's re feed, maintenance then on to WW or SW to reprogramme my fat brain to a slim brain.
God I've missed poo threads !!

Happy new year everyone lol
We love poo:D


2 Years Maintaining :)
I personally found that although LT didn't teach me anything about portion control etc it did break all of my bad habits so I am eternally grateful to it! I have been successfully maintaining on the weight watchers program for 6 weeks now.

Best of luck to you on your journey, it really is worth it and your in the best possible place for support xx
Thank you guys so much.

Feel much more confident about it now that I know I have you guys as support.

Sandra, how do I access your blog?

Well I start tomorrow so here is to the begining of a life changing journey.

I think you can just log in through my profile.....it's not bang up to date as I started using the Refeed and then Maintenance forums but it will give you a feel for what this journey is like.....tough but sooooo worth it.....every time I put on size 12 jeans again I tell myself that!

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