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New Starter - Lipotrim


Just wanted to know if I could join in with you all.

I am going to the chemist tomorrow to start lipotrim. I did lipotrim a few years ago and then got back to my old eating habits.

So I am a 32 year old mum 5'6" and weigh 15 stone 10lbs and am seriously fed up of being fat.

I just want so advice and support really. I start a new job on Monday and am wondering whether I should actually start lipotrim this week. I am not making excuses but am worried that I may not be able to make my shakes up at lunchtime. How does everyone else manage.

Also how have you all managed to stick to is so well. The problem I have is that I don't have a great deal of will-power and my husband isn't that supportive and he doesn't see my weight as an issue in his eyes, but I do.

Any advice great-fully received.

Thanks Chills
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Staff member
Hi Chills,

Welcome and good luck with starting your diet journey.

If you started Lipotrim tomorrow morning you would have the worst of the withdrawals of it over you by Monday.

But, starting a new job can be very stressful and I am not sure if now is a good time to start.

The other alternative is to start on the management foods which are similar to the packs. You could have a low calorie/low fat meal at lunch time.

This would ease you into TFR without the stress. You can use the weight management programme to lose weight. If you pop into your local Pharmacy that does Lipotrim they will have the little booklet called Lipotrim weight management User Information.

I have tried the Caramel Flavoured Bar in this range and it is very filling and enjoyable.

You are lucky your husband loves you for you, but carrying excess weight is a health issue and perhaps if he seen it as such he might be more supportive.

As for keeping the weight off...well:eek: personally speaking, I am not very good at that...but I am a work in progress:p

Love Mini xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Chills

Welcome to Minimins, hun!

If I'm being honest, I'm noticing chinks in your armour already so you need to now start asking yourself some serious questions such as are you ready to do this and, if so, how ready are you???

Work/New Job - great advantage as they don't know you so have nothing to "judge" you against. You can have your first shake before work, bar at lunchtime, shakes/soup when you get home. If need be have 4 a day if it makes getting through the first week easier and just keep drinking the water. If you have a microwave at work then its not a problem. If not then get yourself a shaker and use that during the day.

Unsupportive Husband/Family/Friends etc - who are you doing this for? Lead by example, show them that you mean business and won't be sidetracked. Who knows who will follow you and it may not only be in terms of weight loss. When you change, people have no option but to change along with you because you are no longer reacting in the way that you expect. Be warned, however, that this can swing either way - good or bad but you have to be true to you and start being who you really and truly are.

Previous success - what is going to make this time different? What are your goals this time? Is this about losing weight or about living a slimmer and healthier lifestyle that your children can also enjoy...think about this deeply as it will help you to uncover the truth of what is going on. As a great Counsellor once said to me...stop lying to yourself and the world will be your oyster - and he's right!! :)

You can do this Chills but only if you really want to and if you don't then the only thing stopping you will be yourself. So come on, sweetie, set your goals and go for them :) xx

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