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Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by Carrie39, 9 January 2014.

  1. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Well-Known Member

    He everyone

    I found this forum and thought it might be helpful as I started the SS plan yesterday. Had a couple of major headaches and got a bit agitated yesterday afternoon BUT strangely didn't feel hungry! I already seem to have smelly breath though is that normal for day 2? I am still trying to different products and couldn't stand the porridge so will stick with shakes and soups as they seem to be a bit better. Anyway, any words of advice welcomed. I have never done a meal replacement diet like this before but hoping will give me the kick start I need to a healthier 2014 (turning 40 this year!)

  2. nmninos

    nmninos Well-Known Member

    The bad breath is a nightmare…but the worth it when you see the results. The porridge isn't for me either. I do however like the rice pudding, much nicer than the porridge. Its tough at the start but stick with it. :)

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