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new starter!!


Back on the diet train...
hey everyone im starting LT tomorrow. any advice would be appreciated. ive done it before but quit due to family death. :cry:

also when i was on it before i found myself getting angry every now an then. is that normal?

im determined to do it this time coz my weight is not only causin health worries but i av no social life wot so eva. just work. :sigh:

so if anyone has any pointers they want to share that would be great!! :)
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everyone's different so we all have varying reactions. I have seen people say LT affects their mood at times, especiallt those difficult first few weeks. I don't know why, or for how long - but the benefits must outweigh the downsides i always think!

Top tips:
sip cold water, little and often - making sure you have at least 2litres every day as well as your shakes. Make the shakes up with more than the recommended 250ml amount of water if you find the water consumption hard at first.
Don't give up social occasions - just have sparkling water instead, or black coffee/tea.
don't miss any shakes - your body needs the nutrition they provide so it's important to have all 3

And finally, enjoy watching your weight go down every week :)
heya if you listen to elle's tips it will eliminate some of the crappy-ness inolving this diet, and you've done it b4 so you know wat your doing i would just like to say
Whatever your craving today have no matter how bad it is because once your on it there's no turning back and at least you had wat you wanted.
good luck i hope you reach your goal xXx
Not much to add really, but, wanted to wish you the best of luck!

I do still get a bit moody on occasion, even eight weeks in, but luckily my family know what I'm doing & my Mum has done it before, so remembers what it's like!

Hi Bex! Can't add much as it has all already been brilliantly explained above.

Remember you're doing this for you. You're doing it for a healthier, happier life.

I'm a psycho at times (although I was a bit of a nutter before LT so I'm not too sure if I've gotten any worse!)

Good luck and keep coming on here for support, this place really is a Godsend!
Hey Bex,

Welcome back to LT. You sound like you have the determination and desire to succeed on this- best of luck hun!



Back on the diet train...
Thank you for all the messages guys. feels good to know i can chat on here with people who do understand what im going through. My friends didnt when i was on it b4 an kept offerin me food etc but this time im determined. no more excuses or cancelin nights out coz im big. power to me.lol.
so glad i found this site. i didnt know it was here last time.
welcome and good luck! Just pop on here when you're feeling the rage! ;) :D


Positivity is the key
Hi Bex,
welcome to your first day, hope it is going well for you today. If you believe you can do this, then you will. Glad you found the site, it is much easier with this much support around. Wishing you all the best, you are worth doing this for so remember that if things get tough.

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