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Hey all!

My sister has lost 6stone in 7 months on lighter life and I realise I'm massively overweight and need to loose weight!!!

I was wondering if I could get some support and words of advice as to what diet I should do? I've started WW but in my second week gained 1lb, I have been on steriods this week and not been as good as I could have been.

I really want to resolve this and fight the fat, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ciao Bella!
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as someone who has tried pretty much every single diet, i would defo go for a diet like WeightWatchers or Slimming Word. because they teach you realistically about food and especially WW helps you manage portion sizes and any foods ok aslong as its within points!
If you want to lose weight very fast, then lighter life is the way to go, just be prepared to possibly put the weight back on (this is just my opinion, i know there are many ppl who have had success on these sorts of diets, im just not one of them)
and i found on then diets that I was contantly thinking about food because i wasnt getting much (if any) and therefor more prone to binging!

So basically, stick with WW, your weightloss will slow down, but its more likely to stay off. the 1lb gain itsnt huge, u may find that this week you have a big loss to make up for it. aslong as you stick within ur points and get the support you need you'l lose the weight you want.
Good luck xx


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i totally agree with Dizzy - dont give up after your gain - learn from it and stick with it - it does work!

you might not see the results as quickly as lighter life but i think if you struggle with WW you might find lighter life more difficult to stick to, but again you should ask lighter lifers about that as I find WW is best for me.. it doesnt necessarily mean its right for you - but if you havent been 100% this week, then you know why you gained - so you can rectify that next week :) x


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I have previously used Lighterlife and the cambridge diet. Both the same thing really just the price is different. The losses are quick but it is very extreme. I was soooooo hungry on this diet even after ketosis had properly set in. Also if you dont follow maintenence thingys when your done then its likely to go back on. Im with WW now as it is cheap, consistent and fits in with every day life. Thats just my opinion. Good luck whatever you decide :)