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Hi there everyone. Just started on LP yesterday and I must say it wasnt the hunger that was the issue it was the taste of the drinks YUK!!! I have never tasted something so horrid.
I went to bed last night with a headache and woke this morning with an even worse headache, is this normal? I did drink plenty of water yesterday.
This morning the drink wen t down a lot easier since I was holding nose so couldnt taste it hahaha. Will have to see how long I can keep that up for :wave_cry:
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Goodluck on your Lipotrim journey.

The headaches are normal, they usually clear up in the first few days. I know I still get headaches if I don't drink enough water.

I know what you mean about the shakes, the only shake I can drink is the chocolate one, and it has to be from freezing cold water and I down it all straight away, can't let it get slightly warm.
Hi chunkymonkey, all perfectly normal! I know how you feel about the shakes but honestly they do start to taste better, weird but true! Make sure that you blend them really well with a few cubes of ice so that they're really cold, I agree that anything less than icy is absolutely disgusting! I've tried to have both the vanilla and the chocolate as hot drinks and they were foul!

Keeping logging on here and wait for the weight to fall off!

Best of luck x
Welcome to the forum chunky.monkey.. I (re)started on Monday after a disaster 1st time round with 3 kids off school.

I had headache the 1st couple of days but they do pass.

The shakes do get better (although i cannot stand the vanilla at all!), and i have just started to let go of my nose lol

Good luck x
Hi and welcome!! I am in my first week too!
I am on day 3 and so far haven't had headaches I think the water helps I have been drinking 4 litres. I do feel more tired today tho. I personally don't mind the shakes but then back when I was slimmer and fitter I used to do alot of weight training and I used to drink protein shakes so I am kind of used to the taste.
Good luck with your weight loss journey!!! Xx
Hi all

I just started to day and well its tuff but having read some tips here I can stomach the shakes with a small spoon of coffee, I cooked for the family and drooled looking at them eating oh lordy will I ever get there
Hi kloset, and welcome.

I admire you being able to cook and not eat .. I have even had thoughts about my poor dogs food!! lol

If you feel you are struggling, there is always some friendly advice on here.

It does get easier (so they say! lol), so good luck x
lol slimmersue I had thoughts about my dogs oh lordy il be taken away by men in white coats b4 this day is over
As long as you only contemplated eating the dogs' dinner and not the dogs themselves ! We 're in the UK not Korea.
You may have to budge over kloset... I hope there is room in your padded cell for the 2 of us!! lol x
Sandra.. Thank you for that, it really made me laugh.. but :sign0137: lol x
I have relations over there kloset.. They could be in the cell next door lol x

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