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S: 16st1lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 0st6lb(2.67%)
Hi I'm seriously considering starting LL in the New Year. I need to lose over 2 stone to get some fertility medication to help me get pg. I have some questions if anyone can help me please.
How difficult is the first week and do you feel really ill?
Does it get easier and does the hunger subside?
How long did it take you to lose 2 stone?
Also, what are the sachets and bars like?
Thanks a lot
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Hi Sugarlove! answers to your questions below (from my own personal experience)

I found the first week absolutely fine and never felt ill, everyone is different I know others found 1st week very tough

yes it does get easier (for me it did) and yes hunger does go away after first 2 weeks

depends how much weight you have to lose I guess, look at my weight loss i cant exactly remember how long it took me

sachets and bars - i dont like them all, again everyone is different here you really would have to try yourself, I like the porridge, all the shakes except vanilla / choc and i love the veg soup. Bars are nice too

if you do join all i can say is you will be amazed by the weight loss, LL has changed my life and im so happy to have lost so much weight over a short space of time

best of luck honey x

nutty me

onwards and downwards
S: 18st0.0lb C: 18st0.0lb G: 15st0.0lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Sugarlove,

Ive struggled with my weight all my life. I always said I would never do lighterlife. I have to say its been the best decision of my life.
I found the first few weeks fine, no problem at all. As Tracy said everyones journey is different. After the first week I did not feel hungry at all. Everyone varies with the packs. I have porridge, a bar and I like the vanilla shakes which I make into a coffee. Occassionaly the vegetable soups.
I lost approx 2 stone in 2 months.
Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight but once you see the weight coming off you feel more motivated.
I dont know your circumstances but the more weight you lose the more healthy you are and fertility treatment can be more successful. If you look at my diary you can see I started in sept and up to now Ive lost 55 lbs.

Good luck with your decision. Ive found this website to be a massive support.

Nutty x
S: 107.27kg C: 101.83kg G: 69.85kg BMI: 35.2 Loss: 5.4kg(5.07%)
Hi there. Like nutty, I started in September and have lost over 50lb so far on LL Total. If you've only got two stones to lose you will probably be on Lite, which I'm less familiar with (three packs and a meal). However, after the first couple of days (which weren't much fun tbh) on Total, I've not found it difficult at all. There have been harder days but on the whole it's been pretty straightforward. A lot of how you find it is down to your motivation and how you feel mentally when you start though. There are ladies in my group who have resented the whole thing and have made it very difficult for themselves. Your motivation sounds pretty strong though! Good luck!!


technologically ignorant
Everyone has different reactions in the first week but I think it's fair to say that the psychological battle is harder than the physical one. Things I do in the first week to make it a bit easier are:

· If possible try and make the first two or three days low stress ones - I took a couple of days leave when I started and found that helpful – I also drove to work for the first few weeks so I wouldn’t be tempted by all the food selling places I pass on public transport.
· Avoid anywhere where there may be food (work canteen, socialising etc.) - this is obviously harder if you live with other people but maybe you can persuade them to eat out or something.
· Go to bed very early – you don’t crave food when you are asleep.
· Go for lots of long walks but make sure you leave all your money at home so you can’t pop into shops and buy snacks.
· Undertake distraction activities – will depend on what grabs you but I find reading good – lots of physical activity like cleaning the house and gardening can also work really well.
· Spend hours and hours reading and posting on this website.
· Drink water like there is no tomorrow – I recommend the water flavours strongly.
· The savoury drinks are very helpful in the early days as you can fool your body you are having six meals a day rather than four.

Good luck!

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