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Welcome Lucy, my tip is drink lots and lots of water but no more thatn 4l per day. Good luck.


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Hi Lucy. Good luck with it - I am starting tomorrow and am loving all the tips and advice on here. Its really helped me prepare for it.


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Good luck, water is definitely the key.

Try the choc shake made up with cooled peppermint tea, yum yum. :)

12lb down 40lb to go!


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Hi lclucy! I'm on my first week and I really do agree with everyone that water is the key! I'm drinking 4L and feel like i'm doing ok. Just keep determined and try and keep distracted too! I think I've painted my nails about 6 times this week hehe :)

Good luck and tc



Thanks all for your tips.
Day 1 is over, and I hated it!! I got to my third shake and I couldnt drink it.
I dont think I am going to last..
I want to cry!! :cry::cry:

What keeps you going??


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Wanting to be thin and not worry that every twinge is a heart attack. It is tough, but also very motivational once the weight pours off. Try again tomorrow. Good luck x


Day 2 is here.. :/ The thought of another shake makes me nauseas, but I will get there, Im not craving food or feeling hungry, I just dont like the shakes!
Also, I find it hard to drink so much water so I have a killer headache !!
Thats for the tips, I will keep you updated at the end of the day


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one off my friends uses the choc shakes to make a mousse by only putting in small amount of water, maybe this will be better?


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lucy try putting ice in a vanilla shake, makes the difference for me as its the only one i like, just remember the first few days are the hardest so just keep going, one hour at a time and just fill up on coffees and water, im just at the end of my first week and ive had loads of early nights, baths and cleaning more than usual just to keep occupied so keep busy and i promise it will get easier by the end of the first week and youl have a great loss, keep getting on here and post if your struggling theres always someone listening to pep you up x


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Hi Hun I have the same problem with the shakes. This is my second time of doing LT but this time round the shakes are making me feel sick. I struggle to drink them and would rather have nothing all day than have them but I am battling on. I have tried all the different ways of making them but nothing works. I am onlyanaging by thinking of them as medicine to make me thinner but even then it's hard. Let's hope things get better soon x


Thanks again for the tips.

Are you allowed pain relief for headaches??
Also, do you think you could get away with having all shakes at once? Rather than split up throughout the day??


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yes you are allowed pain killers and no you cant have the shakes in one go, you have to split them up so your body gets what its needs in doses throughout the day. there are other posts on here regards doing different stuff with your shakes, have you tried the bars and soups, you can add teas to the shakes including peppermint etc or make them with less water to make mousse, this one might work for you if theres less of it but you still have to spread them out like your water, you cant drink 4litres in one go! i only like the vanilla and i gag with that so i add lots of ice so it strips the flavour a bit being so cold, the soup i cant eat any more but i used to, i used to put spices in it to cover the flavour of that too but cant stomach that one anyone. just keep going and persist with it, if it was easier non of use would be fat! x


Ok. Thanks

I got up late today, so I mixed together the vanilla and strawberry one for my breakfast/lunch and it wasnt too bad!
So got the soup for later, will try and add spices to make it more bearable.

:sigh: Hopefully I will get there!


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Hi Lucy, hopefully won't cut it have to tell yourself that you will do this! How hard can it be compared to the feeling of hating your fat body and living less of a life than you deserve? Stick with it and within the next couple of days you will start to feel amazing, you will probably lose over half a stone in your first week and then you'll be well on your way......

Trust me, LT is so hard but it works. Good luck x


What happens if you miss out a shake??


Day 2 is over with.. It seems to be getting easier..
All I have had today is temptations but I survived.. a trip to the cinema and subway and I was good! The things you do for little brother ey!?