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Hi Guys,
Just started Lipotrim today - after thinking about it for a few weeks and visiting the site to see what it's all about.
First day gone well - except for the water - it's a bit of a struggle to drink so much. Does the water from black tea/black coffee count towards the 3 litres per day?
It feels good to actually do something about my weight instead of just moaning about it......:)
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Hi and welcome Julie, you will find loads of info and support here pet. The water does obviously had to your daily intake but they do advise you not to up your coffee and tea intake to raise the water drank in a day.
Have you watched the video? Even now I often refer to it as it just refreshes you on some issues regarding LT.
Hope you have a uneventful journey with us and good luck xxxx
Hi Julie,

I am into my second week so new like yourself. Lost 8.5lb in first week so the pain of drinking all the water is worth it. Got 2nd weigh in tomorrow.

Well done you for giving it ago.



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Hi J
No tea and coffee water doesnt count as they are diurectics (sp?)
Welcome to this crazy but funny forum and goo luck on the start of our journey to the new you xx


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Welcome Julie, this forum will become one of your website favourites very easily! Everybody is very supportive, I wish you the best of luck.

Ref the water, I bring a 2 litre bottle of water to work and find myself drinking it quite easily during the day, if its in front of you you'll probably find it easier as opposed to remembering to go look for it....thats my 2cents worth!


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Welcome and best of luck. Just keep looking at everyones tickers for inspiration. There are some amazing stories.....

ellejay - good luck with the weigh in tomorrow. Think light!


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you wont regret joining believe me, the support and advice will defo see you through, good luck getting to ketosis its tough but we've all had to endure it and hey just look at some people's ticker's


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Hello and welcome to the forum x I will be starting my third week tommorow .. once ketosis kicks in you will have an energy surge and hunger will virtually disappear.. you WILL have to use your willpower tho... if your determined your success will be so rewarding... the water is a struggle at first... im drinking approx 5 litres per day... water is the key to Lipotrim for weight loss and for maintaining a healthy system like going to the toilet (number 2) controlling hunger in early stages... keeping skin and muscles etc hydrated.. keeping a blurry head at bay... its the magic of LT... good luck and may your willpower rule !! xx
hi julie, welcome to the 'mad house' keep us updated on how its going and if your struggling, dont do ANYTHING until you post on here if your gonna cheat, that way we can talk u down, but stay strong, this is for YOU but we are all behind you, YOU CAN DO THIS! jxxxxx
Thanks eveyone. I am really determined to lose weight. I am finding the shakes OK.I just had the soup today and even that was OK! I haven't been hungry yet - I think I am still too excited about the diet to feel hungry yet.
I have watched the video, but think I will probably have to refer to it. Is the one on the LT website the same thing?
Today, I took my water to work with me - I did find it much easier to get down.
I am really touched by all your messages - it's great to have friends to chat to who are not trying to put me off. My husband and son are being really supportive too - they know how much I want to do this.
My first weigh in is Tuesday - can't wait to see how much I lose!!!
Hope I will soon be able to offer support to you guys as well.


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Good job Julie well done you xxxx


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yippee that's fab julie I bet you feel great now, bring on next week eh
welldone julie over 1/2 stone gone in a week thats fab:)

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