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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Bb08, welcome to the world of CD'ing, I've been on CD for 10wks now and although it can be hard on the first few days, it gets easier and once you see the weight fall off so quickly it keeps you motivated!! As you CDC said maybe cut down on the carbs a bit to help before starting and also start drinking loads of water 2 litres plus, this will help with the 1st 3 days and then you should be in ketosis which will suppress the hunger and make you feel great!!!
Good luck for your start on Thursday


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Hi! Another new starter here! A few days before I started I tried out a few of the 790 recipes that they have on the main CD page. Helped to get my head around the diet and was lovelly and low carb


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Hi Bb
How's ur first day been?
I've stuck to it today so 2 days down. i feel kinda slimmer already, well less bloated anyway, :p
Am determined to stick to it this time.


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keep busy is my motto - the moment you start getting bored is the time your head starts to think....mmmm, FRIDGE!
When you get headachey, take some water and have a nap.
When you feel a hunger pang coming, brush your teeth, drink some water and have a bubbly bath.
If you are on SS+, pick at the lean chicken portions but never any carbs.
If you feel you are too hungry, mix your shakes half at a time so you can have 6 meals instead of 3.
If all esle fails, come here and we can gee you along :)