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New Starters. Roll on up!!


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Hi there guys. I saw on Jim's starting atkins thread that there were a few of us newbies around so thought i would start a thread for us :)

today has been my first day and so far so good. i am feeling a wee bit floaty but that may be due to overindulgance and lack of sleep (and giving up caffeine from today) than anything else.

was starving at lunch time and picked at a few things and now am not. i have decided that the grazing approach will probably be best for me.

how are you lot doing?

abz xx
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of course it makes sense. it's unknown. i have low-carbed before. and never with carbs this low. i have totally overdone the cheese today. and i think i may have overdone the veg a wee bit. i don't think i've gone over my 20g allowance as a lot of my salad veg was lettuce... which was my first big mistake.. i can't think that lettuce is useful for much of anything really. tomorrow i'm going to cook up some gammon and cut it into bits for grazing, same with the veg. my OH is making some very meaty, not very veg-like bolognaise sauce with a very measured amount of tomato puree in it tonight and hopefully there will be some for me to take for lunch tomorrow.

abz xx
Hey Abz - I started last Monday, so been on Atkins stylee a week now. Have just come of a VLCD and my first WI I stayed the same. A wee bit disappointed - but to be honest I think it's because I didn't drink enough water and perhaps didn't eat enough (if that makes any sense).

I'm staying positive though and hoping for a 1 or 2 lbs off by next Monday. Must admit that I'm enjoying being able to eat again and not missing carbs really - well, after a couple of months of no food, that's not surprising really.

Well good luck and I hope us newbies can start posting up some good losses over the coming weeks :D


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Hi can I join too i've been trying for 2 weeks and keep mucking it up but still lost weight. I did cambridge before this as well so it's a long journey but worth it. As of last week I was 3 stone down in 3yrs lol finally hehee. Great ides Abz i'll post here loads !!!!
There is a weekly weight in thread for you to post you losses and stuff peeps. Good thread abz.


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hey guys. well i don't start work until 1 today, finish at 11pm, so that's going to be rather nasty. i have a killer headache this morning. likely lack of caffeine. and all i want is sugar. even though i didn't want it before. the brain is a strange thing isn't it? have had over half a litre so far, hopefully a litre before i start work and i'll work on the rest of it from there.

how are you guys doing today?


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well it's the end of day two and i had to succumb to some pain killers around lunch time. the headache is creeping back up on me now so i may have some more in a wee but but am generally feeling better. i had cold sweats and all sorts earlier, but then i did have a sugar fest the night before i started... so it's my own fault, ha. and i'm a total caffeine addict...

i have realised that i was saving my carb allowance for veggies with my dinner... except i'm working late so i'm not at home for dinner!! so i think i will have had a very low carb allowance today... not good. i've had a nibbly day, mainly meat today... and a bit of feta. at least it hasn't all been totally cheesy like yesterday :)

think i might have a mushroom omelette for brekkie tomorrow to get some veg in as i'm working late tomorrow night too. and i'll cook up something to reheat at work as well i think.

abz xx
Started today!

Hello everyone!

I have started today and am wanting to lose one stone.
So far today I have had two slices of grilled bacon, one fried egg, two pints of water, cheddar cheese soup (atkins menu)sugar free redbull, diet coke and am just about to have dinner which I think is gonna be roast pork fillet with salad with diet coke for my beverage.

I am worried that I am not eating enough is there anything I could add to beef up my net carb count? :p


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veg!! and the diet drinks could stall you in a big way. have you done low-carbing before? i have to avoid sugar free things as my body treats the sweeteners as sugar. i think there's only one sweetener you are supposed to have on atkins induction so be careful babes. you don't want to stop before you start :)

my carbs have been far too low today. they are talking of getting a takeaway at work, so i might get a veg fu yung. totally unallowed usually, ha, but since i haven't had any carbs today i should get away with it i think. but i might give the whole thing a miss. i've been far too heavy on the meat aspect today, i forgot i wouldn't be eating at home tonight, so have had to make do at work with cold meats...

so far today i've had a few rashers of bacon and two fried eggs for brekkie. some feta, a few sticks of cucumber and pepper for lunch and some cold chicken for dinner, and i've snacked on some peperamis. honestly. i'm crying out for some veg... if the new chinese does a veg stirfry i might just get that!!

abz xx


Likes to eat.....
Sounds like your doing well abz. I understand the veg thing I do get sick of the texture of the meat! My carbs have been low yesterday and today due to tummy bug but i'm getting into ketosis and i've no cravings just a rotton headache but thats the bug! Anyways keep up the good work and keep posting!


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well, i am coming to the end of a rather long day. have been up since 6 and am still at work. will be out of here in another 45 minutes or so however. looking forward to going home and snuggling up in bed!!

i have had far too few carbs, it seems strange to think of it that way, ha. but i would rather have had some more veg. i'm not hungry at all but i've munched my way through a fair few mini peperamis!!

at least i'll be well on my way into ketosis. i'm even getting really cold!!

abz xx
Hi guys, I started Atkins yesterday. I did it years ago and lost a stone in two weeks. a chinese takeaway and massive pasta salad later and all my hard work was undone.

I recently tried CD but it was too hard and I had the unusual problem of forgetting to take them, so i was having about 70 kcal per day and managed to put on weightg :-(
I struggled to eat my carbs today. It so hard to find veg/salad on the go. Everything contains either potato or pasta.

I have about 8 stone to lose so prob going to do induction for longer than 2 weeks. I am also attempting to do Atkins "low fat stylee" so i'm trimming fat and removing skin from meat, trying not to overdo it on the cheese and staying away from those yummy cocktail sausages that Marks sell that have 21g of fat (and 8g carbs) for 10!

How long do you think it will take to lose 3 stone?

Can anyone help with breakfast ideas. I CANNOT have eggs everyday, especially as i usually have breakfast on the run, but I cant really think of anything else. I was thinking of getting some of the Atkins shakes instead. Has anyone tried these?
Morning all, Maz, have you looked at the stickie on the top, "So you're thinking of starting atkins" that give a list of veggies allowed on induction.

Sane, I often have left overs for breakfast, take a look at the "What are we eating" thread for ideas


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good afternoon guys. i'm on the late shift again so just got into work. i feel awful today. i have a really dodgy tummy, but i don't seem to have any atkins flu symptoms. i'm thinking it may be unrelated. we shall see...

abz xx
Laura, just wanted to say, that's spot on advice hunni! :) Tried to give you more rep but it won't allow me... But wanted to flag it up somehow. Well done hun.. :)

Abz, i struggled with my tummy a bit when i moved over from CD to atkins. I still do get the odd thing that doesn't agree. It seems to be cauli atm, bloats me up to the point i can feel the air trapped in my tummy bits n moving around. Most painful n sometimes makes me feel sick too. Hope you soon feel better hun, keep mucking in there, you're doing really well and have a fab attitude :) I'm also working lates today, boo...
Aww poor you Abz, that's not good hun. It's the worst when you're not even in the comfort of your own home to ride out the storm.. :( Just think of the weightloss though!! LOL, gotta look on the bright side i guess. Can you pop out n get something to take for it?

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