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New tastes...Same tongue


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It feels like I have had such a long journey, and it has occured to me I pretty much have the same thing every day.

For those Guys, who had a long journey too, do you think it would be worth trying things I didnt really like at the beginning again?

Although I like the packs I am eating, I am getting a little bored, so I thought I might mix it up a bit and get a wide variety again, like at the beginning, (instead of just peanut bars, strawberry and choc shakes and chilli!!)

Have you found your tastes change over time?
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Is back in the saddle!
They certainly do! Try a couple. You still may not like them but it could be interesting!
Absolutely! Try them all again.....I found my tastes changed.

And you can make mountains of variety in shakes ifyou mix them half and half....for example...chocolate banana, strawberry banana, choclate strawberry, etc., etc.

You can also mix soups half and half - thai chili and chicken, veggie mushroom, etc., etc.

But definately try the ones you werent crazy about - you may like them now!

Yep! Definitely add a variety to your next "shopping list" - even just one of each soup this week, and one of each bar next week, etc. I found out that I liked the shakes after months on soups!!
If you're inclined to try new flavours again then I'd say go for it!

Personally I haven't altered from my 3 choc shakes + bar a day as I know I cope with that. If I had a different pack and hated it, I know it would then make me want something else instead which could lead to cravings etc. so I just stick to what I know! lol But then I'm boring and love routine :p
I thought about mixing them , don't like the soups but love the shakes, like the bars so will stick to them. Not sure about the choc, but if I mix with banana it will be nice, shame they don't do mint!!!



Is back in the saddle!
Make some strong mint tea to make it with.
Still cant get the flipping lumps out of my chocolate - make it into a paste and then use my stick blender... oh well.. i think of them as chocolate chips!
I don't make it into a paste. I just poor the powder into the water and zoom zoom
I use a full-on juicer/blender and the choc shakes *still* come out with lumps, think it's just something to do with how they are made!

Luckily the lumps stick to the edge of the jug part of the mixer so they don't make it into my pint glass :)
Thank you I will try that. Did not like the soups or porridge so I am just going to stick to the shakes. I like the vanilla with black coffee in it - like being at Starbucks!!

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