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New Team Chubby Wubblies looking for members

Hello :wave_cry:
I'm Emma, I'm on day 2 of CD and its going alright upto now. Will be needing a bit of support and enocouragment over the next few weeks no doubt. I've got LOTS of weight to shift, but I'm doing it in small targets because the overall amount is a bit over facing.
Welcome Emma, a team is a great way to support each other and hopefully will enable us all to stay focussed when we need it :) xx
today i feel super grim
im not sure its the diet though, i feel pretty sick and didnt want to have my shake, left half as i was actually going to vomit. i feel a bit drained too. my family have all had a bug thing, so many i'm getting it now!
i'll be good though, because its not making me want to eat

Im feeling a bit weak today not sure if its my body going into ketosis (day 4) but im determined to ride it out. Im even struggling to drink my water today the headache is back with a venegence but I know it will pass. Im sure we can both keep strong and get through this first week. My weigh in is on sat a couple of days early I hope ive lost some xx
Mines on Monday, and I started on Tuesday.
I have thrown my bathroom scales away though, because last time all I did was weigh myself and it was a joke in the end.
I don't care how rough I feel, I'm not going to make excuses anymore. I am determind too.
I'm going to force myself to be one of those people who eat to live, and not enjoy it all that much. (yeah right!)
yours is much better :) gonna nick it lol x
Ooooh yes please i love to chat lol !
I do have a few pounds to go but would love to join in ready for when i hit maintaince? xx

need to stay focused on SS got wi on satday!!
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u are very welcome to join shanny - anyone who loves a good chat is very welcome here xx
no im on day 4 now but im struggling at this present few moments so got a coffee on the go - but when hubbie gets home i am gonna go in the bath and if the cravings still dont go away might be bed - im not going to mess up this time ive got far too many important things going on this year to not be thin for :)

That last few pounds will be gone in no time cant wait til i get in the 10 stones. I was nearly there the best i got to was 11stone 2 then i messed up big time but not this time.

OMG just realised I sound like an addict lol

nikki x
Ooh Nikki you will be fine i have had many early nites this week, suppose needs to be done huh.!

11stone 2 is good is that where you want to get back too? you have same weigh day as me what time is your's?

Ive been good with water started early this morning.x
11 stone 2 wasnt my target but i felt so good i messed up. I want to get to 8 and a half stone or 9 we will see :)

This support is why i cant do the diet without it - it great to tell people u dont feel so strong and nice people like you keep us motivated, its really appreciated :)

Ive drank 3.5 litres so far today so wont drink much more maybe another litre we will see, it works well for me to have a glass there as it keeps my hands busy and stops me fussing about in the fridge

nikki x
my weigh in is usually about 9 am but it changes every week cause im a nurse and my shifts stop me having a permanent regular day for weigh ins, I just fit them in as I can.
yeah of course you can welcome and feel free to join in when ever you want. Main aim to support one another during our best and more importantly the time we are struggling xx

nikki x
Hellooo YM2B you have done fantastic haven't you wow.! Nikki take 1 day at a time and you will be there hun.!

how do i get that team log on mine?? rubbish at this stuff lolx
oh god shanny it took me ages to sus it -look at emma's one it has a site name on it and then u copy the code it produces into your signature. I only did it after 25 mins of messing. Ill try on put it on photobucket or something then we can all use the same one x
Hi, Could I join please?

I'm Ciara and I'm on day 4. Start weight was 15st 5lb :sigh:...Last time I'll ever weigh that though..! :D

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