new team needs 5 more.


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hi guys
just been looking into starting a new team up,dont know if anyone will come back to me to say this is not allowed.a team requires 6 members so if there is someone out there that wants to be a team leader then im willing to help out.hope im not being to pushy.x :sign0009:
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hi hun..

why don't you join one of the present teams as know they aren't all full if not why not re activated one of the old teams saves making a new one:D and think new teams aren't lasting that long at moment.


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If you're starting a team please can I join? :D


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I would love to be in the team too!!


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I don't mind being on the team 2....:)


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Chasing Butterflies - Team 7
Has a few spaces, as advertised on the thread. Quite welcome to join us if wanted?
As Dappymare said, its difficult to sustain a team at times, recruitment of new members is what keep it going. Too many new teams dilutes this option. Whatever, you do, good luck and wish you all well. xx