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New team needs members team 15

Can I please join? On week 3 - 12 pounds gone in first two weeks and looking to lose at least another 52 pounds.
Hi would love to join you guys I lost 3 stone 3lbs weeks 1-8 and 6lbs this week was looking to join team 14 but no-one is ever on here so seems pointless let me know if you have a space for me x
Hi new team!

So we have:



By my reckoning that's a full team! Wooo!

We need a team leader as well; wannabeskinny is that you?!

So names......
We could just use the old team 4 name as some of us have come from there? Belly Busters?

Or something fresh and better.......


Absolutely Flab-U-Less
So team 15 is established

Wannadrop3st(to be confirmed)

all we need to do now is think of a team name so get your thinking caps on and see what we come up with xxx
i dont mind being team leader, but may need help on figures mmm should have done better at school belly busters was good but i think we need a new name to reidentify ourselves
Hurrah i have a team! pleasure to meet you all lol everyone is doin so well got lots of faith in us let me know when you decide on team leader and name etc its quite exciting isnt it hehe x
Will probably be able to help you figure out % etc not too great myself but my partner is leader of bbls team so sure she will help me. Wanted to join different team to get some healthy competition going...bit poorly so not feeling inspired to think of a name but like both the ones loz has suggested x
I'm happy to help wannabeskinny, just don't wanna promise to be here all the time in case i cant.

So Name suggestions (just copy and paste any of your suggestions to the bottom):

Absolutely Flab-U-Less
The Skinny Squad
Sole Sisters

welcome on board kel78 were gonna kick some % butts this week x team name idea fat busters, fat fighters, chubby chums, or not so chubby chums, x
Absolutely Flab-U-Less

The Skinny Squad
Sole Sisters
Fat Busters
Chubby Chums

(Didn't put Fat Fighters as they are already a team!)
Absolutely Flab-U-Less

The Skinny Squad
Sole Sisters

i love them all my fave is Flab2Fab,

dont worry loz im log on each day x but all help would be excellent so we do this together x
I'm lovin sole sisters
hi ciwti (which stands for what ???) welcome on board glad we have got a team together was really annoyed when our team "folded" without letting us know so we are raring to go.

If everyone can let me know what day they get weighed in on, then either pm me your losses or pop on a thread we can set up once we have a name, then go from there x

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