new thread for anew me


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hiya doing good today thanks for asking purely cos iv been weighed and surprisingly lost 8lb as mentioned on my weigh in thread not had a good week not cheated but been of colour and went to get weighed feeling very heavy /bloated but hey great surprise.

How you finding it


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Hi and welcome. Keep going till wi day and it will be worth it! Hope the rest of your week is easier.


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Good to see you opened a thread!!!

I have already said it but welcome aboard!!!!!


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WELCOME!! and you are doing well.
Just keep coming on here!!!!


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Welcome! Well done on nearly finishing your first week! Doing OK today thank you, although the smell of cooking chicken is driving me mad! Keep up the good work and best of luck with your lipotrimming! :)


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welcome to the forum,to have lost 7lbs in 4 days is good going.i noticed you joined on the 12th jan,which means your weighin day will be tuesday.


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Hope you are still getting on ok, fingers crossed for Tuesday


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hi everyone

Thanks for the big welcome.

I get weighed tomorrow so looking forward to it. Going shopping today but window shopping again can't wait to get smaller clothes. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

Thanks again everyone


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only a pd

am disappointed today only lost a pound the pharmacist tells me its because a lost 7 pds last week andit totm next week.
I will not be defeated forgotten my pin will have to look for it...........



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I start work at 9am and my lunch is 12.15 so I don't have my first shake till 12.15 then my second at 5ish so it means I have another one for the evening I find this helps.

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Thanks Blodwen

I normally have my last shake at 5pm its not that I feel hungry its just that I miss my dinner and wine and........ Roll on friday to my first weigh in.......

irish molly

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I know..... In the first couple of weeks, in addition to feeling peckish, you also just feel you should be eating or doing something at mealtimes. It is all the programming we have had over the years.
This is the great thing about TFR. You get a chance to break all those old habits and make new ones. Stay strong and keep up your water intake.

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Thanks Irish Molly

U've done really well . I was looking 64lbs in 16 weeks that amazing I have 59 lbs to lose so watch this space. I normally drink 6 pints of water a day can I drink more? How many pints is the maximum?


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Try not to go over 4.5 litres (not sure how many pints that is?)

Drinking too much water can flush out the essential nutrients and vitamins, or flood your kidneys.

Think it's 7.9 pints (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) So you doing great with the water, you could add a bit more.