New to 5:2 from calorie counting

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  1. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    Hi guys,

    I am giving some consideration to doing the 5:2 or even 4:3 mon, wed and fri. I would be coming from calorie counting set at 1200 a day. Can I really loose weight eating over 2000 calories on an up day?

    Thanks in advance x
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  3. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Depends....i have lost 10.5lbs in 3 weeks doing 5:2 for two weeks and 4:3 for one. My biggest losses were in 5:2 weeks - my body rebels if I fast more and I end up bingeing. So it really depends on you. The diet definitely works, better than I expected, but you may need to tweak it to suit.

    I now have 2 non consecutive fast days of 500 cals, where I don't eat until about 6pm then have one 500 cal meal, then 4 days of 1700 -2000 where I try and eat to hunger, and one feast day of up to 3000 cals, which I think is great for motivation and metabolism.

    I also exercise most days.

    I think it very much depends on you....try it and see :)
  4. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    Thanks yes all that makes really good sense thank you I am going to give it ago. X
  5. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  6. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    I came from 1200 calories a day. I struggled with that and always felt deprived. I now do 4:3 and there is no deprivation, if I want it I can have it on an UD. Yes, it works and I have lost 23 pounds doing this since the end of January. Good luck whatever you decide.
  7. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    Thanks guys,

    On day 2, yesterday I had my first dd and it was okay I had 500 calories but the website says I should have 420 on a dd and 2100 on an ud. I will stick to 420 tomorrow. Today is an up day and just waiting for my homemade chilli and rice to be ready and can't wait!!!!

    I hope it works fingers crossed I am going to do 4:3 I think x
  8. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    Also another question I am sitting at 1476 calories for today. It seems silly to eat for the sake of it just to get me up to 2100 however will it be detrimental to the plan if I don't eat the recommended calories for in upday? I probably will have a biscuit with a cup of tea later but not 624 calories worth.

    Thanks Frances x
  9. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    No, don't eat for the sake of it. If you're satisfied with what you've had then that's fine. Also, don't worry about going as low as 420. Most people will tell you 500 is fine and those 80 calories can make all the difference!

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  10. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    MAGIC thank you :)
  11. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    On my second dd today had a can of weight watchers tomato soup and a can of weight watchers chicken noodle soup earlier. Just finished a bowl of porridge it's the first time I have had it made from proper oats and not the flavoured kind out of a packet and really enjoyed it. Have enough calories to have a slice of toast and butter later on.

    It's been a good dd so far :D x
  12. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Brilliant, well done.

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  13. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    Good morning,

    I did my final dd yesterday of the week so weighed my self this morning and 4.4 lbs off in 5 days. Really pleased will weigh my self every Saturday from now on :D hope everybody had a good week.
  14. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    That's brilliant, makes all the hard work worthwhile doesn't it?

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