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New to all this.. :)


is back on it...

After falling off the CD bandwagon far to many times and putting all the weight back on :( i have now decided that the 1 good thing that came out of doing the Cambridge Diet was realising how my body felt when i restricted Carbs... so as of now i am Low Carbing... i have the new Atkins book: New Atkins for You-Ultimate-Shedding

And so far it all makes sense... but i am struggling keeping track of the carbs that might be in things...does anyone know of an on-line calculator i can use?

I am also really loving unsweetened soya milk in my tea... i cant tell the difference at all and am so happy i can still drink tea :)

I also have about 8 leftover CD shakes... do you think i could use them up for breakfasts in a rush??..

That's all the questions i have for now... but please please if you have any hints and tips i would really appreciate it...

:) xx
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hello and welcome to the madhouse :)
I use myfitnesspal to log my carbs, but also have a little planner (like a ww one) so i can log all my foods and menus in advance :) i just did it myself so can email/pm if you like? (ive got planning ocd)

as for the shakes i dont know! sorry!


is back on it...
OOooo a lady after my own heart!!.. i have a planning OCD also :) ha!.. i think i even have a list of lists i need to write! eek!

Please send me your planner that would be brill, thanks so much, :) will PM you my email address.

Just going to fill my bottle of water back up for an afternoon of glugging and peeing!!!



is back on it...
Hello Quak... :) that is a very good point!!!... *russles in drawers to dig one out* it says

Per 100ml
Carbs 7.0g (14.0g) of which sugars 6.8g (13.5g) of which starch 0.3g

Hmm so im none the wiser... do i take the 7.0g as red!?... and the shakes make 200ml so 14g... hmmm not looking good for them!!..

have emailed you my ocd list planner. i make lists of lists too :)
at least you will be well organised for this diet. I absolutely love cooking now and used to hate it.
14G of carbs is a big chunk out of your 20 a day love. Hi clarey, I hope Atkins works for you.
stick around here and enjoy the banter mingled with advise!

you'll soon get the hang of the counting, and find out where the sneaky carbs are, shopping for the first few times takes ages!


is back on it...
thanks everyone for the friendly welcome... and im pleased to say that im already in Ketosis today!.. which is faster then i expected.. but did always get into it quickly with CD.. :)

So as of now i feel very positive about this working for me.. :) just about to go over and check our the recipe sticky :)

Have a great rest of your weekend :)



is back on it...
Morning :) ... Just had a yummy big omelette for my breakfast.. now off for a walk in the snow and mooch around an antiques fair.. :)

Have a great Sunday.. :) xx


Clean green leafy machine
Yes do tell us what you buy Clarey - I love antiques fairs and car boot sales but they never have anything like that in London :(

Whaaaaaaaat the? Susie, London is surely coming down with antiques fairs isn't it? We seem to walk into them all the time when we go there!

Good luck with Atkins Clarey! Leftover shakes are a no-no unfortunately, as most of the calories in them are carbs - you need to get into the mindset that you aren't counting calories ever again - just carbs!

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