New to all this!


Hi everyone I'm kinda new to all of this. I wasn't really very interested in losing weight. But one of my friends who is bigger than me has started to lose a lot and I thought if she can do it surly I can.

I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago a stone and a half. On the slimming world diet but unfortunately gained it back while at Uni. It didn't help that I found little support from my friends and family and some wouldn't talk to me cause I had to wear my old clouthes due to the fact I was losing weight so fast.

My life's getting the point were lots of changes are happening and now is the time I sort out my future really. And for health reasons I need to do this. It also looks like my spouse might be walking out on me soon and I maybe on my own. So any confidence I had about my size has gone out the window. This person loved me the way I was. But if that changes maybe this should too. Even my spouse has lost a lot of weight and it's not like they were partially over weight before.

I have some issue with losing weight right now at the moment... I have M.E which makes exercise hard though I know my weight probably makes my illness worse. I am studying a lot as it's my final year so spend most of my time on the computer and when my studying is done it's too late to go out for a walk. Though saying that when I need to go out and get something I walk and go out quite a lot.

I would really benefit from a forum like this and look forward to surporting overs who are losing weight as well. And hopefully get some idea's and surgestions back. Student life has not been kind to my body and neather am I. To be frank I am sick of looking like this. There's nothing wrong with how I look. It's just not for me... not anymore.

>_> also I need to get a count down thing on my signatire does anyone know how?

Also did taking picture of yourself as over weight help you to lose weight? As sort of motivation?
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Hi Hamu and welcome :)

You'll find all the support you need here, this forum is wonderful. We're all in the same boat with the same issues and worries. Take comfort from the fact that no matter what you're going through weight-wise there WILL be someone here who's been there and done that and can offer advice and support :)


Thank you so much that means a lot that you said that. I'm really glad this seems to be a safe place were I can talk about these things and not feel embaressed or ashamed people will know I'm over weight.
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I am a newbie too and also a student so i know what you mean by it being unkind to your body! It sounds like your having a tough time of it hunni but everyone here is sure to support you and get your confidence back soon!

What plan are you thinking about doing?

How much would you like to lose?

Have you set yourself any mini goals?




I'm trying to lose half my body wieght as I weigh as much as two people. ._.

I'm thinking about doing slimming world again as before I lost a stone and a half doing that a couple of years ago and I lost that in a few months.

Walking was the main way I did it so I think I need to start that again though it will be tough on my m.e.

Mini goals are stuff like wanting to fit into my waist coat in my wardrobe and get under 20 stone at the very least get to 16! Those are my mini goals I guess.

How about you?


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Hi and welcome. I totally agree with mini targets as with me the whole picture is too big.

Photographs taken on a monthly basis would be a good incentive for you.

Good luck

Irene xx


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Good luck :)