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New to Atkins...Hi All!

Hi Fellow Atkins Dieters

This is the first time ive tried atkins and think its great...find it quite easy although there isnt much choice of food..

I have been reading the forums the past couple of weeks and only just got round to registering. I have been on induction for the last 3 weeks and lost 12lbs. Although I do have a lot to loose as I was 295lbs...now only 283lbs. I am 6ft and have quite a big frame, just need to get this damn tyre off my waste!

Anyway see you around, I am sure I will be posting soon with some help!

Cheers all and good luck keep up the good work.

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hi steve,

welcome! its great to see u r doing so well, sounds like your off to a fab start!!! keep it up :)

sarah x
Hi steve and welcome mate. Have you looked at the stickies at the top, there is a wealth of information on what you can eat. :)
Hi steve and welcome. congrats on the weight loss. this forum rocks and the people are very helpful.
thanks all. I have found it relitively easy, but did cheat on Sunday night as I was out and caught short of not having somethign to eat..so I had a burger.

Just a quick question, are there any sugar free carb free sweets out there? Probably a long shot!g


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi Steve, I'm new to Atkins, not done a week yet. Your weight loss is very encouraging, well done you!

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Just a quick question, are there any sugar free carb free sweets out there? Probably a long shot!g
Holland & Barrett do a brand called Sula Natura, in caramel creme (= YUMMY), cappucino and fruit flavours. Marks & Spencer also do a very similar range in their own brand. Boots do a diabetic range which is largely sugar free.

Beware of the laxative effect of polyols, though! I ususally only have one sweet a day... Also they can stall some people. It's probably best to avoid them altogether during induction until you're safely well into ketosis.
Hello and welcome!

I liked Boots diabetic caramel chocs when I tried them, until I read the ingredients - I can't help thinking that ingesting that many chemical nasties ain't good for me! :jelous:
hi steve just as lady and abz have said they do cause people to stall and the effects of the sweets. Ive tried the atkins bars and they gave me, sorry for TMI :eek:, very bad gas. So I eat them not often because if that, but in the induction phase I wouldnt recommend them. After the induction and if you are having a sweet tooth they do give you that chocolate or sweet fix you are looking for and if you dont mind the gas or laxtaive effect :D

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