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New to Atkins


I am now on day 2 of the Atkins diet, I have never done Atkins before (prob the only diet I hadn't tried!). I was doing Cambridge and lost almost 2.5 stone, but in the end I was cheating so much it was more of a low carb diet so I thought I might as well give Atkins a go.

I bought the new book and I have been reading that, I hope I am on the right track, here is what I have had so far:

B: scrambled egg
L: salad with ham and cheese
D: steak with cauliflower cheese (made with cheese and cream) and cabbage with bacon
S: 2 sausages (prob shouldnt have had these but it was a weak moment!)

B: scrambled egg and bacon
L: salad with ham and cheese and oil and vinegar dressing
D: steak fried with a red onion and cauliflower cheese

Does this sound right or should I be doing something differently?

Also, I love a cup of tea, but as we can't have milk, just wandering what you do? I'm not sure that tea with cream would be so nice.


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Hi Loulou & welcome. You will find everyone is very friendly on here. You've found a great forum:)

Try 'jimmy's' sausages, you can get them in Tesco. Cost a little bit more, but very low & tasty.

Just make sure you count your carbs in your veg, onions are 7.9 per 100g :O

Good luck x
i still have milk ,only a tiny drop thou, its very high in carbs , so count it in your allowance

i NEED my cuppa in the morning , can't function without it

coffee with cream is nice alternative , feels like a treat


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Welcome aboard the madhouse Lou! You don't have to be daft to be on here but it helps lol :D


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Hellllooooo! Welcome to the mad house! :D


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Hi lou and welcome love. :)

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
i still have milk ,only a tiny drop thou, its very high in carbs , so count it in your allowance

i NEED my cuppa in the morning , can't function without it
Ooh me too, glad I'm not the only sinner! I just cut it out for the first few days until I was sure I was in ketosis.

Hello & good luck, Lou.
Hmm, I've got to quite like my tea black now, but it is a long time since I had it with milk


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Hi there

I am starting today finally, I read the new book and from what I understand I can have soya milk so I have had that in my tea this morning :) and put it in my carb count

Just got to decide to have the rest of the day now

Been on birthday cakes all week - cant wait to feel better and flatter, feel like egg on legs at the moment

PS I have done Cambridge too, it was great but I didnt maintain, I know I can do this, I did a brief stint in 2004 and it was fantastic


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loulou - try soya milk instead, it's much lower in carbs. It'll taste funny at first mind you so don't slosh loads in. You can buy cartons from the long life milk bit in the supermarket. Asda do Black Farmer sausages which are really low carb too, although Tesco Finest & Asda Extra Special are quite low, just make sure you count the carbs.

Good luck with it and dive in whenever you have a question, it's a mad house on here!


love my family
i didnt give milk up in my tea or coffee as i hate cream and dont like full fat milk always makes me sick so skimmed for me just going to check the carbs now i forgot what they are >>>>>>>right im back tesco cheap cream fields one has 4.9carbs per 100mls i only have 1 or 2 hot drinks a day if that so dont use much
hope this help peeps


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im the same always have tea with milk in :D

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