New to calorie counting, few q's


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Hi guys, I've been on this forum a while but was doing the Dukan Diet. I lost a stone doing that but have since put back on after coming off it, it was sooo boring and repetitive and I just wanted normal foods! She says whilst feeding herself on supernoodles as we type...

I looked around the forum at the different 'diets' and thought CCing is best for me. I have a few questions though, I've just updated my profile at the side. I'm planning on starting CCing tomorrow when I've done the food shop.

I currently weigh around the 200lb mark but will do my first weigh-in tomorrow morning and update my stats. I plan on eating around 1500 calories a day.

My questions are:

Is 1500 enough or should I be eating more/less for my height & weight?

Do you guys eat things you want to eat once in a while or restrict yourself to low calorie things only? I can see myself falling off the wagon if I can't have my biscuits!

How do you stop yourself getting hungry? Protein filled me up on Dukan, but is chicken etc calorific?

I'm a total n00b when it comes to CCing... Your help will be much appreciated!

Kate :)
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1500 cals sounds alright. Depends how much you wanna lose really.

I definitely don't only eat low cal healthy stuff. I wouldn't have stuck to it this long if I had lol. I just fit the stuff within my calories.

Can't really answer your third question cos my appetites gone weird so it doesn't take much to fill me anymore! Hope someone else can help you with that :) But chicken isn't very high cal so you could still fill up on that if you wanted.

Good luck :)


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Totally agree with what they said lol MFP = lifesaver! :) xXx

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Yep, MFP is fantastic for counting calories. To answer your question, I eat what I want but stay within calories. I allow myself 1500 cals a day. I don't drink so I don't have to take alcohol into consideration. I exercise and try to aim for about 200 - 400 cals per day. Giving me 1700 - 1900 cals a day. I feel better knowing I have XX amount of calories left over and if I do have a bad day (like a chippy tea) I don't beat myself up.


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Thanks for the replies people, I have started logging my food etc on MFP, my account name is x_missvintage if anyone wants to friend me on it. I've done a fair bit of walking today around town and ASDA (4 and a half hours in total) and it says I've burnt 1000 calories! I didnt think walking burnt that much :/ could this be wrong?


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Well I went a 30 minute walk and my Nike plus app told me I lost 176 so id guess it possible?