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New to calorie counting need help :)

Hi everyone,

Im new to calorie counting, decided im going to start from now, with tomorrow being my first day and first weigh in in a while.

Would anyone know how many calories i am on, and how many calories i should burn each day? Im 5.6" and weigh around 18 st 9pounds. Id also like to lose as much as reasonably possible without going to extreams so around 2/3 pounds a week

Also which is the best calorie counting web page for UK food?

Hope someone can help

Nessy xx
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Hello Nessy. I think calorie counting is a good choice for losing weight, just because it's a basic technique you can use for the rest of your life, and it's good to hear you're ready to take it off sensibly without going to extremes!

I think a good way of figuring out the rough calorie total you should be aiming for is to tot up how many calories on average you consumed per day before you decided to lose weight. Then deduct 500 cals to start with - you can always add a few more to your daily total, or cut down a little bit as you go along and you need less to fuel the slimmer you. So if you were eating 2200 a day last week, then aim for 1700 a day now. This should be comfortable to maintain and should give you a steady loss in the initial stages.

There's no hard and fast rules about exercise, or how many calories you should aim to burn each day. I don't do any exercise myself, but many people find it a great aid to speeding up their weight loss. If you can't fit exercise into your daily schedule then don't panic - just try to speed up your general movements, stay on your feet, keep as active as you can. Every little bit of activity adds up!

For my money the best calorie counting helper website out there is www.essentialsweightloss.co.uk
They run a 5 day free trial so you can try it on for size and see if it suits you. I find it really helpful in keeping me on track.

Best of luck with your progress!
Hi Saturn, welcome! I'm new here too just about a week. the site Iris mentioned is fab, wish I found it sooner! Saves guessing calories, I don't think I could live without it now x


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Hey there Saturn :). Another easy way to figure out the optimum number of calories is to just multiply your weight by anywhere from 10 to 14 (calories per pound). You could try eating at 13 calories per pound and if you want to lose quicker, maybe go down to 12 or 11 calories per pound. This method keeps things simple.


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I find freedieting.com to be fab. They have a daily calorie needs counter, which factors in your current weight, age and activity level and then tells you how much you need to eat to maintain or lose.

Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs
Second this. It is best to use an online calculator that tells you how much you should intake everyday! Good Luck! :p

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