New to CD havent started yet but....


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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to be a CD user starting Feb 1.
I haven't seen a rep yet but I had some questions and wanted your views on it.

I'm 121kg (19st) and 6"1, I go to the gym 4/5 times a week (and I cant lose weight last a couple pounds about 6 months ago :( - How will this massive cut back in food intake gonna effect my strength, therefore, effect my training timetable.

Secondly I work nights at the weekend and generally eat when I get in about 2am. Does CD allow eating this late.

I wanna reach 16.5st before a wedding in the summer, how achievable is this through CD?

Has anyone had to deal with the above issues???
Thanks for the help!
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On Cambridge you will lose a stone (possibly more) a month so you will definitely make your wedding goal.

You can have your food packs whenever you want as long as you get them in. You'll be on 4 food packs if you decide to do Sole Source. The Cambridge website has some useful information on it.

As long as you don't do too much cardio at first at the gym and stick to toning/muscle building you should be fine. Your body will be taking in a heck of a lot less calories and if you do too much cardio you could get a bit dizzy.

A CDC (Cambridge Diet Counsellor) will be able to give you all the information you need. You can look them up in your area on the CD website. There will be contact info on there.

Good luck!


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I work odd hours myself and it can help to split the foodpacks.

Sometimes I spread a tetra between 2 mugs of coffee to make mocha drinks, or split a soup in two.

Take exercise gently for the first week or so - rest as soon as you feel weak. Lots of us continue with the same regime, some ease off, some do none. It what feels manageable to you that counts.

It is common to feel a little less energetic in the first few days, then ketosis takes over and you might feel more vigour than before.

Am riding that high myself. Though I don't do any formal exercise, I have more energy and have not needed to sleep as much as before.

Wishing you the best of luck.


S: 20st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 16st1lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 2st0lb(9.89%)
Thanks for that Becca, Nellyphant and Turquoise, all useful info.
I've never done a diet course before, always tried to be sensible... so I'm a little nervous.

I've become comfortable with my size, but I'm concerned about my health. I've tagged myself "The fittest fat man in England" Over the past 10 years I've taken up American Football, Boxing, Jujitsu, I do this on a weekly basis on top of my normal training routine and I've always stayed constant at about 20st (and its not 20st of muscle either).

These sports should really help you drop weight rapidly but for me they dont!

Looking forward to taking this challenge on, fingers crossed it helps!


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Unfortunately it's a bit of a myth that exercise alone will help you loose weight, it just doesn't happen. It has to be combined with healthy eating or a radical diet like the cambridge plan. It's really simple maths. A man your weight and height probably needs around 2500/3000 cals a day just to maintain, you could easily be eating that. When you exercise you probably burn up the equivalent to a mars bar.

However, when you start cambridge you may get faster weight loss combining the plan with your training, and you'll be in much better shape.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!!

Oh and pics please would be nice :p


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Have you spoken to your doctor about it? If you do a lot of exercise and watch your calories and are not seeing any improvement it might be horemonal or something??

I do an exercise DVD 4 times a week while on CD and it just gives me more energy.


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I am a Cambridge Consultant based down in Hampshire if you want to have a chat about any of the issues from your first post let me know and I will send you a messsage with my contact info.

Hope you have a good weekend.



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You would need to do a higher plan if you intend continuing with your training routine, which sounds brill!

You'll still lose loads, but I certainly wouldn't recommend the lower plans. Probably 1200 or maybe 1500kcals. You would lose fat on that quick quickly with your height, gender, training etc.