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New to CD! Heeeelllp!!


Needs some encouragement!
:) Hello! I have finally plucked up the courage to meet my counsellor for the first time tonight and have bought myself LOADS of shakes! I am a little apprehensive about it all but so determined!

Any advice and support would be REALLY appreciated!! Think I am going to find this really hard. Typical that I go on holiday on Monday!!

Just had my last supper!:wave_cry:
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Now Maintaining :)
Welcome Cookie. I am in my first week on the CD. I found it tough in the first 2 days but it is alot more easier now. Try the soups as well. Some of them are yummy. Good luck. :)
hey cookie and a big congrats on starting CD..!

i am on day 3 and really its not so bad. cravings have just about gone now.

for me the best advice is make sure u drink the water. it really does help with the hunger pangs.

i find some of the shakes are nicer as a hot drink. i had the mint choc one tonight and it was lovely.

the best of luck in your weight loss journey.

Emz xx


Needs some encouragement!
Hello! Thank you for the advice - I got some soups too, and porridge. She gave me some bars because I get really shaky very easily and told me to chop them up into bits and eat one bit if I need to! (not sure that will help but hey!) How are you finding it all?


Needs some encouragement!
Love the user name Lay off the fries! Thank you for your advice - Ive been stepping up my water intake this week in preparation and have realised that half my 'hungry' feelings were probably thirst! I hope it isnt so bad.

Do you know how to thank people on here?!?!
thats a great idea with the bars if u are feeling a bit shaky.

i didnt get any bars but found the porridge nice and the soups also nice.

i season the soups a little with some pepper. NO salt though as this can make u retain water.
not sure how to thank people lol as im kinda new to this too haha xx


Needs some encouragement!
Ooh if I had a thanks button I would thank you all! Keep posting until I get one!
Hope you are all feeling ok and doing well! Keep me posted with your stories - I'm really inspired by some peoples stories on here!
Good luck cookie, i am ss for 2 months now, once the first week is done and you see how much you lost, then it gets alot easier, its about taking 1 day at a time at the begining :) I have dropped 2 dress sizes in 2 months, so its really worth it, I feel so much better in myself :) oh and keep posting especially on tough days


Needs some encouragement!
Thank you! I have had my porridge which actually was disgusting, but managed to eat it - 3 hours later am STARVING!! Been drinking loads though. It is actually making me realise how much I think about food and how often I will just go and pick at something in the fridge. Hope I stop feeling hungry after my shake at lunch!!!
Porridge ewwwww lol, I have shakes not keen on many flavours tbh, but I am looking at it in the way its not forever, I only have 2 weeks left on ss b4 I start moving up the plans, yep keep drinking that water it helps alot, and early nights to start if you can, I played loads of puzzle games online to take my mind off it, youll be past week 1 b4 you know it :)
It made me realise how much I pick too. The thing I couldn't get used to was not picking up an apple. Felt so weird not being able to have fruit.
I love the porridge (don't like it usually) but I make mine really thick and stodgy. The apple and cinnamon one is best I think.
I quite like the soups, but I do sometimes put a tiny bit of hot chilli powder in to spice them up a bit!


Needs some encouragement!
Well I have almost managed day one and actually its not been too bad. This morning I was really hungry after my grim porridge, and by 12pm I was starving. Have drunk about 4 litres of water and actually got to 5 oclock and was ok. Even took my daughter to a cafe and watched her eat an ice cream! The hardest thing tho when it was dripping everywhere and she said 'Mummy can you help me with the drips'!! Id usually just not even think twice and have a lick! And also seeing if her tea was too hot - usually have a mouthful of it to test it! Couldn't even do that!

Really interesting to see how much I think about food, or plan to go out for lunch. I think the hardest thing today was thinking that I just cant eat anything, not the hunger as it wasnt too bad, just the psychological side of it. Oh well! Am working all day tomorrow so we shall see! Keep the water flowing!

I like all your ticker things - Im rubbish with them - any ideas of how I get one?!

You are doing really well! Some of the packs I find are an acquired taste, and what some people say are lovely, there will be just as many who think it is vile. You will find your favourites!

I am currently at the end of day 2 of my 2000th re-start, so my advice would be to give this you absolute best shot the first time round as it is very hard to get back into the swing. Harder than the first time, for some reason!

Keep up the good work! There are loads of people on these board who can offer advice and there are some tremendous success stories. If you havent already seen the inspiration slideshow, have a look! Not just CDers, but all sorts of losers! :crazy:

Am rambling now, so will leave it at that!
i love the chicken and mushroom soup , im loving the toffee and walnut shakes 2 yummy.keep ur water intake up and by day 3/4 u will hit ketosis and shouldnt feel as hungry. i just think of this diet as a kick start to my new body, iv given myself 6 weeks on ss then going 2 do add a meal then weight watchers. u cant stay on this diet forever and if you do decide enoughs enough u wont feel as bad thinking of it this way.... well so im told haha.

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