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New to CD! Heeeelllp!!


Needs some encouragement!
Ah thanks guys you are being great! Good advice! It's really helping me! I'm so determined I dont want to give up.

Day two has been good actually - I was worrying about it as I was teaching all day and on my feet - watching them all eat burgers and ice cream too. I havent been hungry all day - 4 litres of water again has helped - and keeping busy. I'm struggling now though as its Saturday night, Im watching x factor and expecting my take away any minute!! But its not coming! Im also due to go out for lunch with family tomorrow and still have to go - I dont think Ill be able to sit with them while they eat. Its really hard not even being allowed a diet coke!! Im going on holiday on monday which will be so hard. Sorry, started day on a high and now on a downer!!
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Needs some encouragement!
Ive had a good -ish day today. Went to 'lunch' in a restaurant with my family - had a litre of sparkling water whilst watching them all tuck in to roast dinners and pudding. Felt very pleased with myself. Really really hard to do though. Just went to swap my grim porridges with toffee and walnut and some more soups - love the soups! - and she weighed me and I have dropped about2 pounds. was hoping for more but guess Im only on day 3!! Breath stinks and am freezing cold all the time, but then I always am anyway! Think my bottom has shrunk but I think it might be wishful thinking, or wishful looking. Hey ho. Am going away on holiday for a week tomorrow. Will be the hardest thing EVER to not eat!!! Feel a bit sorry for my husband as it means we probably wont go out for meals. He is ok with it, but probably wishes I'd waited until after to start. Bless him!
well done you that must have been so difficult, but it just shows how strong u can be when ur in the right frame of mind xx


Needs some encouragement!
WELL... day 5 ... on holiday... watching my husband and daughter tuck into apple pie, chips etc etc and Im sitting with my shakes and 4 litres of water. Sticking 100% to the SS but feeling very hungry. I thought I was supposed to feel better?!?! First 3 days were fine - now am struggling alot. Any ideas? Im cold all the time, but them always am, no metallic taste yet but quite tired (but then Im walking loads as were on holiday). How long does ketosis take to kick in?!?! Am really struggling now. Keep sniffing chocolate biscuits too which is a tad odd.

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