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Hi All

I am new to the Cambridge Diet,i would appretiate any comments from members regarding sole source,.....I have today completed my first week,I am male 6 2" and started the plan at 23s 11lb my loss for the first week is 1st 1lb which is all very encouraging,however contrary to the general opinion that ketosis leads to a feeling of well being I have found the direct opposite in my experience, namely, raised heart rate coupled with an overwhelming feeling of fatigue,if any one can advise me on this matter it would be beneficial to my continuation of the diet plan.

Kind Regards to All
Bob K.:wave_cry:
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good, are you doing any exercise? Should be doing very little excercise whilst on SS...
I do know that some people it takes a little longer to settle down but you should be feeling the benifit soon.
maybe up the water to 5 litres...
If the heart continues to race then maybe a visit to your GP for reasureance.
Are you taking any medication?
Hi Bob

I'm sure there'll be some other folks along in a while to add their thoughts, but I just thought I'd let you know that it's common to feel tired for the first week or two. Your body is undergoing an enormous change, switching from carb burning to fat burning and it takes a few days to adjust.

I have to confess that for me it was three or four weeks before I began to get more energy--but it's worth waiting for--I feel fab now!

As for the raised heart rate, I'm not sure. Are you sure your heart's going faster, or is it just that you can hear it thumping in your ears? Because the latter is something I know some people have experienced, myself included--no idea why though :) It's gone away now...

Well done on your weight loss so far--that's a fantastic start!
A full medical pre diet reveiled no issues,however i had been exercising vigourously, all of this despite the the cd wise words,over exetion was allways my suspicion , thank you for confirming this,also this evening on the advise of councilor i added a meal to restore the balance so to speak a portion of chicken and broccoli,begining to feel better as we speak.