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New to CD


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Hi everyone
I am so excited having spent all day on these forums I emailed my nearest counsultant and I've to call her tmrw to arrange to visit her.
I work 2/3 night shift per week ( Mon, Wed & Thur ) can anyone advise how best to approach CD bearing that in mind.
I'm a bit worried about the hedaches/nausea etc but they sound 'normal' when on CD.
I would really like to lose 6 stone which I know is going to take time 'a moment on the lips a life time on the hips' so they say !!!!!!!!!!!
How hard has anyone found it when you have to cook for partner & kids cause that also concerns me ?
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Well done at making the decision to start the CD
Sorry I don't work nights so I can't really advise you,but the best way I find is splitting the packs evenly during waking hours.Some people like to split their packs up into 2 servings which you may find useful

Cooking is quite tough I will not lie,especially in the first week,but once in ketosis you are not actually hungry and its just a case of willpower.Once you get addicted to fabulous weight losses,it helps to keep the cravings under control.
Most of the side effects you can get are usually helped by drinking more water

Good Luck and there are lots of people on here who will help support you


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Hiya :D Just wanted to say a massive good luck :) Ooking for the dsis hard, but ive done simple dinners for them what hardly smells, i foundthis helped me,


I have some clients who work various night shifts and you will have to experiment with what works for you. I have a gentleman that when he is on a night shift has 5 packs that day, then the next day as he is sleeping for most of the morning only has 3 that day. One lady splits her packs on a night shift to make up 6 smaller meals and another lady works 2 nights a week and on those nights she has a small AAM before her shift and then has her last shake about 3.00am. It's quite varied but you will find something that will work for you.

I have a large family and at the very beginning found it difficult not to pick at the food I was preparing. This was habit, not because I was hungry but you soon get used to it. I still loved preparing food, I just didn't like watching them eat it;) So I would come and sit and read the minimins posts while they ate with my glass of water.

Good luck with your diet, once you start I'm sure you'll love it, the weight losses each week give you such a buzz and everyone on Minimins is very supportive.

Hi Hunca enjoy your CD journey l cant advise you about nights but l really enjoy cooking for the family feel really proud of myself for not nibbling!!!!!


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A big thanx to everyone, you certainly sound like a great bunch :)
I am just home from night shift and really should try to get a couple of hours sleep b4 the kids get up but I'm addicted to these forums!!!!
Can't wait to meet with my consultant. What happens in the first week? Is that all about weaning myself off carbs.
Desperate to get going on SS to see if I too can get fab weight losses like the rest of you guys!!!!
Emailed CD for a costing for the diet ( i know it will work out SO much cheaper than buying all the crap I usually buy AND eat!!!!! ) they said £36 - £38 per week does that sound about right for SS?
Good luck for your first week, I just lost 7.5lbs doing the SS+ and that might suit you too as you can sit and have your evening meal with the family, it has certainly helped me. Its 3 shakes and one small meal a day, I have got 5 stone to lose and I won't stick to it if I get hungry as I have no willpower at all! I found this really easy to stick to, my 21 shakes are 34.65 for the week, but thats not as much as i would spend on wine snacks and 'normal'food.
hi hunca, wel done on getting started with cd. I dont mind cooking for familly, i ran upstairs the first week and watched tv/read a book. keeps you busy and mind of it. Now i would happyily make food wahtever and have my shake with them no bother. its all about willpower. If your in the right place you can and will do this. Whats your starting weight? Im hoping to get to 13stone started at 20 :( :(
Now nearly 18 :D :D
I too am doing SS+ as I couldn't abstain from food 100% when I was on weight matters. There is a list of the allowable foods hunca, when you get your booklet, but its basically greeen and white food ie chicken, quorn, broccolli, cauliflower etc etc. I find it great as it means that I can have an evening meal with a 'pudding'!

Your CDC will be able to give you more info on the shift working etc.

Good luck with your journey.

Theresa x
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