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New to CD

X Kelly X

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Hi everyone!
Im new to CD ( I should be starting tues if my doctor signs my form tomorrow :D )
I have tried so so many diets, pills etc (inluding xenical) but with no luck. I lose the weight then my motivation goes and i give up thinking im happy with being fat when im not.
Im really excited to be starting CD, and I am aiming to lose 6stone ideally.
Ive made a deal/challenge with my boyfriend as an incentive. If i get into a pair of size 12 trousers i brought yesterday by december 9th, were going to get engaged. I have used this as my big motivation, so therefore we can have a party and I will be nice and slim!! :D
Ive been reading all the threads on here and reading some truely amazing weight loss journeys and seeing the photos too. Im just astounded!! I was just wondering if you guys could keep me in tow & inspired & motivated as i feel we all need it sometimes. Also, if there is anyone out there with the same sort of stats as me, i would love to know the weight loss achievements. Im 22, 5 ft 7, and16st 6lbs. :( that bit hurt to write. lol.
I hope you guys dont mind me starting a new thread, i just wanted to get into the positiveness and inspiration you guys have!
Anyway ive rambled on too much now.
Heres to a healthy & happy life being slim with CD.
Kelly x
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Hi Kelly

I started back on January 4th at 16st 6lbs, I'm a bit shorter than you though! I was 11st 3lbs on my scales this morning! It's the best diet and it really does work!

Good luck xxxx
hiya Kelly! im not far off your stats im 5 ft 6 and i am now 15st 13lbs, i started at 17st and 2lbs, this diet is really really amazing honest! lol and the guys on here (and me!) will have no problems supporting you the whole way through :D and aww what a nice "goal" it will be lovely when we are both size 12s *sighs* :p
grr sarette i wanted to be first *pouts* lol


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Hi Kelly, well done in joining us CDers, I have 6.5 stones to lose I am on day 9 today. I got weighed on Friday evening and I had lost 11lbs in my first week but I have also gained lovely hair, stonger nails and beautiful skin. Honestly since being on the diet - I have had several comment saying how radiant I look and I feel on top of the world. Some days have been hard but no pain no gain as they say. Just enusre you stick to it 100% and you'll get there and what a lovely reward you'll have waiting for you at the end.


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Good luck for next week. You seem in the right frame of mind, and it is the best diet I've been on. I find it amazingly easy, and never thought I would.
Hi Kelly,

Keep positive, set yourself some mini goals/targets and keep looking at those size 12's and if you are ever feeling like giving up or need support, get on this site and we will keep you motivated.

I'm sure you'll do great. Good luck xx

X Kelly X

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Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for all the support. It really means alot to me. :D
Iwill no doubt keep you all posted with everything. If i can lose just half as much as you guys do i'll be very happy. Ill just keep thinking of those size 12's for motivation!!
Much love xx


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Hi Kelly,

I'm hopefully starting on Wednesday (meeting my CDC on Tuesday- hoping my bmi stays below 40...39.9 at the mo, lingering around the 16st 1lb mark!). I'm sure you'll do just great on this diet, everyone here is so inspirational x :)
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hi Kelly, I've started today and have a lot to lose and hoping I stay motivated so I can finally lose and keep weight off.

Good luck x



I second the bumpy ride part but you do have to keep hanging on, 'cause once you let go its very hard to get a grip again.

Its simultaneously the hardest and easiest deit I've ever done. Its easy because no weighing, no pointing, no counting beyond 1-2-3 packs.

The hardest as it really does provoke a lot of self examination, and you tend to find out who your friends really are too.

Its all very exciting and I don't regret a moment of it.

The boards here are fantastic, the guys are great and honestly stick with us kid and you'll never look back! You do have to keep your brain going though. I seriously recommend a hobby - like knitting or sewing something that you can keep busy on for those picking moments.

Keep the positive head on too, I cannot emphasise how much this helps. And don't be a slave to the scales, some weeks they are sent to taunt you!
Hi Kelly

good lkuck once you are ona ryhtym it gets much easier

i have been doing ss for 17 weeks and lost 6 stone i am a male so a little quicker maybe but bar a 3 day break not one solid passed my lips and have felt fine and feel really good now
Hi Kelly
Welcome - I've only been on here a couple of days and its already my saving grace! I am in a very similar position to you - 5'7, 25 yrs old and 16st 10lbs.
Im on day 2 so hoping to feel super motivated after 1st weigh in (friday).
Wishing you a fab weight loss! :D
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