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New to forum

Hi there, I am new to this forum, not new to CD though. I have not done the diet for about 18 months and am starting it again tomorrow. I want to loose 3 stone by August, maybe a bit optimistic, maybe not. My husband is in the army and at the moment we are living in Germany but we go to Belize in August. The weather there will be so hot hence the need for good weight loss. I am really looking forward to starting after reading some of the posts on here, so fingers crossed and hope to speak to some of you in due course
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Queen of the Damned
Welcome to Minimins Hilsbils, and wishing you luck for your CD restart :wavey:
Hi Hilsbils

I'm a returner too, just on day one.
I've got a stone and a half to loose, as soon as I can. Just had some water and off to have my first shake,
Good luck
hi there cowboy
How's it going, day 4 for me today and its going really well.
Can I ask a daft question, where do you go to put on the tickerfactory thing and also your goals? Have looked but am not getting anywhere with it, is it in your settings somewhere?
Speak soon
HI Hilsbils

If you look at help on the forum there's a how to- it wasn't too bad and I'm not great at technology things! You go to a different website and cut and paste the link they give you onto your signature.
I'm feeling ok today, yesturday as I had my afternoon shakes late (3pm and 8pm) instead of 12pm and 5pm I was so full I didn't even think about snacking. It would be really good if I can manage to have my brekfast one as late as possible and then the pm ones later I think. I'm going to try and have it at 9am today.
The kids are off school again here as they have another interim day. I can't decide what to do, somethin easy but dear or cheap but a bit harder work.

Have a lovely day- let me know how you're getting on,
I think I've managed it! I know what you mean about trying to leave first shake until as long as possible. Sometimes I wake up really hungry and other days I have gone until 11am before needing a shake. I know that I have lost a bit this week. Roll on Monday for the weigh in. You sound like your doing well. What day do you weigh on?
Hi to you Jess
You have done so well on this diet, have you ever gone off the rails?
Thanks, no i haven't had so much as a nibble in 10 weeks! I actually my add a meal week starting on 15th so i'm really nervous about having to eat something again! Hopefully i should be ok though!
But good luck and if i can do it, anyone can!
Jess- I've just been to Southampton today- (on an Open University tutorial). The good news is I just took a bar and hence no picking. Phew.
Wow Jess you've done really well loosing 51lb, even if you aam week stalls you, you're very much well on your way.
I've been scale hopping and as of today it looks as if it might be 7lbs off for me. I weigh in onh Monday and I am very excited (sad I know!). My cdc is really nice. I strangely want her to be proud of me!!
How's you days been?
Thanks. I think i am more worried about not wanting to stop eating after my AAM week rather than how much i lose. I'll just have to be hard on myself. I have to say i haven't felt hungry many times since i started which has been really helpful. I think its because i love being on packs (weirdly) because i feel so much more in control of everything.
You are doing really great too! I wouldn't be surprised if you have lost more than 7lbs as it is your first week!
How did you like Southampton today?! Where abouts from?

Really nice here at the moment,
I went to Solent University building, it was fine, didn't see much of the town though other than walking to and from train station. I always think the big park in the middle looks so nice.
I'm from near Portsmouth.
Well as it's wi tomorrow, I'm going to try and have extra water today (worth a try!!).
Good luck for tomorrow! Let me know how you get on. My weigh in is usually on Monday's too but i'm going to see Beyonce tomorrow (wohoo!) so can't get weighed in until Wednesday.
I know which park you mean, it does look nice but unfortunatly is full of tramps and chavs most of the time! Southampton Common is quite nice though if your down here again any time soon.

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