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New to lighter life!


I'm a 20 year old student- and have decided things need to change.
Iv been to the initial lighter life meeting and met with my doctor this morning and she approved I am ok to go on the diet!
I start officially on Saturday.
I really cant wait. I have over 3 stone to loose and just want to get started now.
I just found this sight and think its such a great idea to support each other through the process.
I was just wondering has anyone got any advise for the first week?
Also so does anyone know what the deal with tea/coffee are?
and are the hunger pains really that bad? and how long do they last?

much love Kellie x
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Hi Kellie,
Welcome to the site. You can have tea and coffee but without milk or sugar... you can have a sweetner as long as it isn't the spoonable sweetner as this has citric acid in it which is a no no. The hunger pangs for me were no where near as bad as I thought they'd be and after the first week or so mine were completely gone... you still crave things but not cos you are hungry!!! It is always a good thing to increase your water intake whilst waiting to start because this may come hard when you start. My main advice is to make sure you do drink all the water you are supposed to... it makes a difference and helps prevent constipation :D


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Hiya, I am on Cambridge not lighterlife, but i think they are pretty much the same as far as hunger goes. Yes I was hungry on my 2nd day, but it was the physical hunger that went by day 3 to me, when I was in ketosis. The emotional hunger never goes for me, I battle that every day, but by taking it one day at a time you can do it, and just think each day that passed, you are closer to getting rid of that 3 stone. You can and will do it! Good Luck! xx
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Hi Kellie!

Good luck!! You will find it much easier then you have probably imagined. I know I did.....I feared the worst and was so so pleasasntly surprised how easy week one was. I am just starting on week 2 myslef.

I find, keeping extremely positive and focused is key. You must keep telling yourself you WANT this, and that you CAN do it. Keep reminding yourself you have not given up food forever - this is a temporary bandaid which will be removed revealing the new you.

Come here often - its a great group of peeps who all understand each other. There is great advice and great support.

Try different ways of making your shakes, etc. For variety.

For example, I use Sparkling Water in mine most of the time and grind them up with ice like a slushy - gives them a very light slight effervesance to them which I prefer to them plan. I also mix flavours, so have Choc-Raspberry, or Strawberry-Banana, etc. Keeps it more fun for me.

In weel 2 you will get some new things added - bars and water flavours...so the variety grows slightly. THen its down to your creativity!!

I aslo add Tabasco to most soups just for some zing!

All the best hon.

Its the best move I have ever made. And know it will be good for you too!!

Thanks for the advice!
I dont know what's happened but something has clicked inside me and even this week (my last week on solid food) i have just been uninterested and really want to get started.
I am just scared as people keep telling me stories of "my friend lost 3 stone and put 4 stone back on" etc.
I am guessing that my metabolism will slow right down and just worry that it will all go back on, but once im in those clothes that look nice and not covering myself up all summer I cant really see myself letting it slip away that easy!
I am so excited about the future now! Its such a buzz.
So I can have as much black coffee as I want or is there a limit?

thanks again =] xxx
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Hi Kellie and welcome to the site. You have already been given good advice but I had quite bad withdrawal symptoms. As well as upping your water (need 4 litres/8 pints per day!) If you try cutting down on carbs between now and starting the symptoms (you might not get any) will be easier. You can have as much black tea and coffee as you want BUT you have to get the 4l of water down so I find there isn't much room for coffee/tea! I have one cup when I get up and if I have finished all my water and more if possible by 7pm I sometimes "treat" myself to another coffee. When glugging the water I constantly chant "the more you drink, the more you shrink" - that is so true
Good luck and get yourself on here for support and/or advice
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Kellie - I was the same way - the week or two before I started, I anticipated haveing several "last supper"....pizza, burgers, chips, etc....and I didn't!! I was like you so uninterested! That was remarkable for me, and new behaviour - never been like that before any diet! I look at that as a very good sign that you are ready to commit to the long haul.

I kept laughting and telling my husband, "I think I am finally full!" LOL

I think we all worry about the risk of putting it back....again, something I keep TELLING myself - that I will NOT allow it. That this speed of loss is a GIFT, and should be cherished. It will require a lot of behavioural changes - but I REFUSE to EVER be like I am again. This is IT. Last Chance and I will NOT give in. I think the mind is a powerful tool, and best to use the heck out of it with these conversations with ourselves.

Hi hun and welcome to Minis.

If you follow the instructions for re-introducing foods strictly to the letter, there is no reason why you should put any weight back on.

Good luck for your first week and make sure you keep coming on and posting and let us know how you are getting on. There is always someone around to offer help, support and advice xxxx
Well I did struggle the first week, not only with hunger, but with headaches and I was tired and cold. I had decided that this was gonna be my time, so I pampered myself, going to bed early, wrapping up in duvets, not suffering and taking paracetamol as more importantly coming on here for support.

After first week it is so much easier, you just have to hang on in there as said early it is only temporary, not permanent.

As regards gaining I agree you MUST follow the Route to Maintenace properly or you are in danger of putting it back on. If you surf the threads you will see that the people that have maintained for a long time always did RTM properly.

Pop in on a regular basis as I had a bit of a blip and didnt come on for a day as I was embarrassed because everyone was doing so well and I thought I was a failure (silly me), but those are the times when you need us peeps the most. We are here to help you.

Kellie - Good luck on your journey - you CAN do it.
thanks all so much- i feel a million times better now. I just think my real problem will be chinese food hehe. But as someone said its just not worth as much as being thin (something I have never been!)
I will most certainly keep you posted and keep reading the threads as they are a real inspiration.
Good look to those of you who are doing so well!
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Hi Kellie, good on you for choosing LL, you'll soon be glad you did when the pounds are just falling off you.

Re starting, some people have symptoms such as headaches etc but others don't, it's an individual journey really but anything you do get don't worry about posting it as someone else will have had it before you.

Have a look at the 'Inspiration Slide Show' in the menu at the top of the page - that will for sure give you all the incentive you need.

Best of luck x


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Hi Kellie
We seem to have started at the same time, I hope it goes well for you. Luckily we have this site to give us inspiration.

Good Luck

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