New to lipotrim and have lots of questions??


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Hi lipotrimmers!!
hope this finds you well.... better than me at least, got loads of questions if any of you could tell the answers you may well save my diet !!
1. How will i know when im burning fat?
2. Is bad breath normal?
3. Im on day 4, does it get any easier than this? all i do is think about food, although i havent cheated!:confused:
4. I weighed myself earlier on the same scales i got my starting weight and found i had lost a big fat nothing! is this normal because im only on day 4?:cry:


Thanks luv keigh xx
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Hi there! I started today, but I got told by the chemist that you know when you are burning fat when u go into ketosis, usually around the 3rd/4th day (buy ketostix) bad breath is normal, they reccomended I bought Original Listerine antibacterial mouth wash and Fresh breath strips. Can't help with the rest yet as I havent got there myself, but good luck and stick with it :)


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Welcome to LT and to the forum keighumms

Everything that has been said is very true... The only thing i would say is that not everyone gets smelly breath (although the majority do).. If you don't want the added expense of ketostix, you can ask your chemist if they will check you for free (some do, some don't), but if you stick to the plan 100% there is NO possible way that you will not be in ketosis.. Weighing daily can become disheartening as your weight can change literally hour by hour.. A lot of people (myself included) make sure they weigh at home every morning after the 1st wee!! lol

Best of luck hun x

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I'm coming to the end of day 11 with no cheats. The first few days were the hardest, not physically for me as I had no problems, but I did think about food a lot. This has lessened considerably, helped by the fact that I'm never hungry apart from when I'm due a shake. Stick with it. It's worth it. I notice that you don't have that much weight to lose compared with some of us on here so don't be disappointed if your losses aren't as big as some others' either.