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New to Lipotrim!!

Hi all, My name is Ceri and im starting my Lipotrim journey on Monday! After reading all your threads i'm hoping that this forum will keep me going through the highs and the lows :rolleyes:!

After previously losing nearly 5 stone, 4 of them have managed to creep back on and all of a sudden my clothes feel extremely tight :mad:! My weight is getting me down so have decided that I need to do something about it once and for all.

Starting weight....15st 8lbs :cry:

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello and welcome to you Ceri!

You've found a fab forum and a great diet :) I love both, and the forum is an essential part of the LT experience for me!

Top tips:
drink plenty of water - definitely more than the 2litre minimum LT tell you to drink (but no more than 4.5litres)
on nights out, have sparkling/soda/fizzy water (all the same thing!) - feels a bit mroe special and looks lovely and celebratory :)
set yourself little milestone treats - ie, something to do or buy when you lose your first stone, or drop a dress size, for example
always look at the total loss, rather than dwelling on disappointment if you think you should have lost more one week than you actually did.

Stick to Lt 100%, no nibbling, no sneaky glass of squash etc. And you WILL see the results.
Thankyou for your positive comments Elle-Emm!! I will use your tips wisely and hopefully enjoy a successful weight loss in my first week!

You've done so well, your weekly weight loss chart is very inspiring!


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Hi Ceri

Well, I think you have probably made one of the most important decisions in your life!

Seriously, this is a tough diet, but I tell you, it is the best and the results you will see so quickly, which will spur you on each week.

WEek 1 will be tough, you will have so many emotions running around your mind..hunger, etc...then when you get into ketosis you will start to calm down a bit. I think once you jump on those scales after Wk 1, you will be hooked when you see your loss!!!

But, YOU have to be totally comitted and stick to it 100%! This isnt a diet for ever, just keep remembering that. It is a little holiday from food and enjoy that.....I have and still am! Learn why you overeat and learn how to control that desire to want to eat when upset, etc...just use this time wisely for you and you alone.

You will receive a lot of support and help on here, so just keep coming on as much as possible.

As Elle says, drink as much as you are allowed. This is probably one of the most important things of LT. Dont skimp on your water, and ALWAYS take your three shakes..dont be tempted to say, I will only have two as the weight will be quicker in coming off! It will just make you feel ill, you need those three to give you all the nutrients you require.

And, most of all, BE POSITIVE! Dont be negative about not eating, just keep looking forward and looking to what you want to be and how happy it will make you.

Take good care and just take it a little easy the first week.


Positivity is the key
Hi Ceri,
welcome, I don't have much to add to the great advice given already, except if it was LT you did before, then you know the drill, if not try all the shakes and the soup and the flapjacks. Make up your own mind about them, try them the different ways you hear about on here, chocolate and vanilla with some peppermint tea, hot or cold, seems to work for some. I take the shakes with loads of crushed ice, makes me freeze but like the taste. I like the flapjacks, very handy for outings and also for eating something with my small boys at their meal time. I liked the soup but was allergic to something in it, not a bad experience, just swollen lips and a bit sore.
Most important advice after drinking the water is come on here as often as you can, it really does help.
Best of luck.
Thankyou for all your help and advice! Have just come back from the chemist where I picked up my weeks supply of LT. Cant believe how excited I feel to start this :).

I've spent ages reading through peoples tips, advice and success stories and hope that my first weeks weigh in will be as successful as others.


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Ceri!!!

How are you getting on?

Have you done Lipotrim before??

Good luck on your journey xxxx
munchies here - trying to edit my page - from ireland - lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks - big deal for me ! Strugling on week 4 TOTM bad PMT just want soft white bread and butter with corned beef and loads of brown sauce washed down with a bottle of chilled white wine whats wrong with us girls?????


Positivity is the key
Hi Munchies,
welcome and congrats on the weight loss so far. To start your own thread roll to the end of the page and see the 'new thread' button next to 'post reply' and post on the new thread one, then your own thread will come up and people will answer it seperately. Best of luck on the diet and keep posting.
Go for it.

Hi Ceri, I'm on day 3 of LT and it's hardcore. V moody and knackered. But they say it gets better after day 3, so fingers crossed. Got a funny taste in my mouth. I need inspiration too! Good luck. Just get in the right mind set.
Hey people...happy monday morning!! Sorry I'm only just replying but had a busy weekend and havent been onto the forum!!

First day today, feeling really positive :)! Have had to explain to the boys in work what im doing and explain my reasons behind it...men just dont get it!!

I'm just going to take one day at a time and see how I get on.....Wish me luck :rolleyes:!!


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Where are you from Ceri? this diet will be the best thing you ever did, top tip, log on to this site every day, it has been a godsend for me
I live in Taffs Well which is just outside of Cardiff. I'm hoping your going to be right about LT and just want to get week one over with and get my first weight in under my belt!

I thinks this forum is going to be my lifeline!

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