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New to Lipotrim

Hi Everyone,:wave_cry:
I started on LT Today and i'm finding all your stories inspiring, I feel like ive got a long journey ahead, not only to loose the 99lbs but to maintain my weight at the end.....Lets hope I succeed, as many of you have.
Well done to you all!
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Ditto what everyone else said about week one - I'm on day four, and it's a challenge but will (hopefully!) be worth it! Just keep going, even when it's tough, and you'll be okay. Good luck! :D
Hello there, and welcome to a really helpful and supportive forum.
You'll get such a lot of help and advice here. Post a thread if you're struggling and someone will help you.
(also let us know about your fab losses!)
All the best with your new life on LT xx
Welcome hunny. That New You is just round the corner if you stick to LT.

The first week is the toughest but stick with it and you'll find it does get easier and the first WI is usually a biggie!

I started with over 120lb to lose and have managed to lose almost 3/4 of that so far. This is the only diet that has worked for me because there are no grey areas that lead to cheating. No food, nothing else but shakes except for water, black tea and coffee. It has totally revolutionised my eating habits and I now find myself craving healthy stuff like salad, salmon and strawberries! I was a total chocoholic before but now I don't miss it at all!

Good luck babe, we are here if you need us. Any problems just holler!

welcome,your in the right place for a start,i joined about 2 weeks ago and i find everyone fantastic,the support keeps me going especially if im having a bad day.best of luck on your lipo journey.xxxxx
i started lipotrim yesterday and i have 47 pounds to loose to be my ideal weight maybe bit more its this forum thats kept me going knowing the results will change my life in the long run i just come on here when i feel i want to give up and makes me feel better


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Welcome - you can & will make your LT journey a success :) x
hi there, welcome to the forum..... we are all in the same boat so you know where to come if you need to talk. its my first weighin tomorrow :) so you are not far behind!!!!
Hi everyone, well my first day is coming to an end & i just want to thank you all for your posts, they are really encouraging, so thankyou to you all :)

Im looking forward to the week ahead and shall keep you informed on how i get on! x
Thanks Tara!
I really do want to stick with it, quite suprised really about how "not hungery" I am.:eek:
Must be all the water thats filling me up....heres to day 2 x

Be strong now
Because things will get better
It might be stormy now
But it cant rain forever
Day 3

Hi everyone, How are you all doing? Day 3 for me has been really tough:cry:I'm so tired and have no energy at all...will this pass?

I'm craving food too, but not because im hungery :confused:, the shakes are going down well, i actually quite look forward to them now :p

Look forward to reading your replies in the hope that it will spur me on!!!!!


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Oh yes, day 3/4 can be tough, but I promise it does get better and after that I stopped even thinking about food, well, not that much, and I feel so much better, my hair and skin look good too, and this is only my third week.

Take care, have a bubble bath, do something really nice for yourself, it will pass.

I have just finished day 1 my days are a bit backwards as I work nights but I did find it hard but feel so much better for getting through it

glad my mum pointed me towards this forum as there is some great ideas on how to make the shakes etc taste a lot better!!!

good luck for your first week xxx
Welcome, use minimins to death like I do when struggling, everyone here is brilliant and so supportive. I'm only starting again today myself and there are lots of new starters, re starters and long termers so everyone understands all your diet woes. lol

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