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Here we go again!
Hi there and welcome. I started this with 8 stones to lose and now only have just over 2 and that's all in 17 weeks. So it is do-able.

I went back to the gym at week 2 and have been ever since. I got a real energy boost on this after week 1 and it's still here, thankfully. You just have to take things easy and listen to your body. If you get too tired then stop and take things easier next time and just build up slowly.

This diet is fantastic if you stick to it 100%. The weight really does fall off and once you're through the first week, things get a lot easier.

If you decide to start good luck and log on here for any advice or just for a chat. Couldn't have got this far without this site. It's really good.


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Hi and welcome!

Definately a good idea! As long as you have willpower this a great diet no matter how much you have got to lose. The first week is the hardest but after that you feel more lively and energetic.

I wouldn't recommend going to the gym for cardio as you are on such low calories as it is but toning is good.

Hope you decide it is right for you and good luck!
Thanks for the advise guys, it does certainly seem a good diet to try and I can be quite focused, however weekends are my worst, I get bored and the first thing I want to do is eat, will just have to do something else, come on here maybe. Anyway I will keep you posted, am off the pharmacy this afternoon.


One last chance
LT is a miracle diet. I'm telling you, it is really worth it, especially if you have a lot of weight to shed.

At first you need to avoid any exersise until 1 week or 2 into the diet. You will have a burst of energy and that will give you a little boost.

however weekends are my worst, I get bored and the first thing I want to do is eat, will just have to do something else, come on here maybe
Ah, you're a bored eater too?

Well, it is a good idea to come on here. There are so many inspiring threads with people to match on here. They will keep you motivated to keep going. And will make you remember how bad you want to lose weight. Or maybe watch some tv, pick up a hobby, anything :)

I would definetly consider LT. I have never been so happy with my body before in my life. It really does change your life :)


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Hiiii! Welcome to the forum hun! If you are determined to get the weight off this diet can't go wrong :) as for the boredom bit...i'm telling you, when you get into it, your house will be spotless, your wardrobes fully cleaned out and your nails manicured to the extreme, lol. It's just a case of finding anything and everything to keep you away from that kitchen. Everyone here is proof that it can be done so get started on it :D xx
This is defo the very, very best, quickest and most successful diet I have ever been on. The first two weeks were the hardest, and yes, please arrange to be as busy as poss over the weekends, they were the hardest the first two times...but I had enough energy for major spring-cleaning and gardening to keep me from thinking of food!

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