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I started on Monday 26th. I haven't told anyone as I don't want to fail nor do I want them to talk me out of it, which they will!!! I am finding it very hard but I must try and stick at it for at least two weeks. I am almost 12stone and only 4ft11. I have high bp and must get it down. I exercise and eat very healthily and eat 3 regular meals a day but what this has shown me (much to my disbelief) is that I pick when I am cooking. Not in between meals but I think I have a mini meal everytime I cook. It is only since been on this diet that I have realised this as I now know the times I go to shove things into my mouth!! I have had all my quota of water but on day 3 I could kill for some crackers and cheese or just some normal food. I have my shakes at 10, 2 and 7. I was drooling when I made my son's tea tonight and a choc shake just didn't hit the spot. Still I have done 3 days. Day 4 tomorrow. I am dreading the weekend, especially with an extra day on Monday which would usually be taken up with a day out for lunch somewhere nice. How do I know when I am in Ketosis?
Sorry to waffle on everyone but it's tough going. I take my hat off to all you fellow forumers that have done weeks of this. Very well done I say. x
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Hi Sticj Insect

Im new to LT too (currently on day 10) all I can say is stick with it! You should be ready to go into ketosis in the next day or two...thats when you loose the 'hungry' feeling.
I felt myself go into ketosis on day 5, I had a surge of energy, felt really good about myself and was feeling very positive, whereas before that I was ready to bit someones head off.
You get a furry feel to your tonge, and unfortunatly really bad breath :-( and thirsty when in ketosis.
Stick with it I love waking up in a morning knowing that I was 100% true the day before.
You can do it!!! Good luck.
Your first weigh-in will boost your mood if you stick to it! When you feel the surge of energy and well being you'll be glad you started. Sure it's hard, but it will get easier - so stay strong and keep posting on here - it helps.
Thanks for your support J.E.G. I only wanted to do this for 2 weeks to see how I go but my Pharmacy is saying they want 4 week committment so feel a bit stressed. Do you get hot on this diet as I keep going really boiling hot? Why is every single advert and tv programme about food?? We don't realise what subliminal messages we are being given all the time.
Tummy is making rubbly noise now. I think I should go to bed.

Proud of myself today though as made jam and cream scones and lemon poppy seed cake for my family and never touched it. The difficult bit was not licking the cake mix at the end! I realise now that we just do things out of habit. x
Once your past the first week it will begin to be less and less stressful, soon enough you won't remember being hungry. Also anytime you feel hungry drink some water, its suprisingly good as an appetite suppressor.


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Hi stick insect you can do it the first week is the hardest just keep drinking the water and when you see your first WI you'll be boosted by your loss and people will start telling you how your face has gone smaller etc it really encourages you keep us posted on how you do!!
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I'm new to this diet to (started on Tues 27th) and I'm splitting my shakes. I'll have half and then a few hours later have the other half etc. It's helped me to keep the hunger pangs at bay (drinking cold water has helped with that too) and I'm happy to have something to do in the kitchen every now and then instead of trying to avoid it completely!! Maybe splitting your shakes could help a bit?

Julie x

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