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New to minimins and Lipotrim


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Hi just wanted to say hello. I started Lipotrim yesterday and so far so good. I have never used a forum before but as my husband and family think I am stupid for starting this diet I hope that I can get a little support/help here instead. My families lack of support is in a funny way really motivating me! I don't blame them for their lack of support - none of them have weight issues so it is hard to understand and in fairness they will just be thinking - here she goes again on another fad diet....but I am absolutely determine not to go on another holiday feeling terrible about how I look. I go on holiday in 8 weeks time so I am planning to do 6 weeks and then re-introduce food for two weeks before the holiday.
Thank you for reading
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Heya, welcome to the forum :) it was the same with my family and girlfriend. They were really against this diet at first, but after a few weeks (once they'd seen it IS safe and it DOES work) they changed their views and are now really supportive, so perhaps that will be the same for you, and yeah I get what you mean about it motivating you, you just want to show them you CAN do it and you WILL do it :)

Best of luck anyway, tis a great forum to be on, some really nice people and some really interesting threads!


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Nevermind about your unsupportive lot, there are so many supportive people on here who willtake care of ya :D

I know exactly what it's like having people at home who don't support you. But you know what? you're doing this for you and you alone. Show them all, and prove them wrong.


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S: 12st0lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st8lb(4.76%)
thanks for the replies - hope you don't mind we asking a quicj question- I have just been thinking about long term and short term goals. I want to give myself a date to aim for to reach my goal weight - I have 35 pounds to lose - What do you think is a realistic average weekly weight loss on lipotrim?


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Hi hun! Welcome to this crazy diet! Lipotrim reckon that on average you lose a stone a month, so 3-4lbs a week in that case. More often that not you do get a loss like that, sometimes even more! You should be able to lose 35lbs in about 8 to 10 weeks. The chances are it will be less if you give the diet 100%! Everyone is different but if theres any tips to give, its water! If you can keep up a high amount of water intake your losses will more than likely be good and steady :) hope that helps!xx


It really does work! :)
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Hello and welcome,

Sorry to hear you're not getting any support at home, you'll find plenty here.

It does work if you stick to it, and 35lb is more than do-able.

I didn't really set myself any goal dates, just ASAP.

I preferred to look at it as the loss being a goal, as opposed to the timescale. You will reach the loss goal, but may end up disappointed if you set and unrealistic timescale.

Best of luck.



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welcome I have been on lipotrim for 7 weeks my start weight was 12.9.5 I now weigh 10.13 I have stuck to it 100 percent and have ensured that I drink at least 2.5 litres a day in addition to decaff coffees. Some drink more. I have not exercised much but do chase about at work. So if you are determined you will do it, the first week or two can be hard, but just drink more water and stayed focused it is well worth it.:):)


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Like others have said it's a shame you haven't got support at home. My hubby and family are great but I really couldn't have got this far without this site. Everyone is so supportive and really do give great advice when needed.

A couple of us on here are on hols at about the same time as you and are refeeding for a couple of weeks beforehand. Hopefully that will be my LT journey finished with.

Drink plenty of water and keep yourself busy, it does get easier after the first week and it becomes more of a routine. Good luck, we're all here for you.

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sparkling:)and hopeful :)
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hi hunni and welcome to our little LT world, and the best of luck
keep posting and we are all here for support and help....you can do it with the help on here i really believe if i did not have this gang i would have failed wks ago everyone is so great, so lets hope we can see you thru the next 6wks and you will go on that holiday feeling fab, xxxxxxxxxx oh yes and will be able to stick ya tongue out to ya family lol!!


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Hiya and welcome!

Good luck on your journey! You will do brilliantly!!
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yes my partner thinks ive lost the plot and run off to coocoo land on a big banana but hey he has no idea what its like to be over weight and untill they relise how you feel about yourself they dont understand this diet so let them get on with it and in the mean time welcome to lipotrim and good luck on your journey to a thinner future xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ditto what has already been said. This site cna make the difference between success and failure. I need it to keep going. At work today I found it a bit hard and as I poured myself another glass of sparkling water I just thought of all my minimins friends who were doing the same and I got through it. I couldnt wait to sign on again tonight for my support x


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welcome and thers all the spport u cud ask for heer every1 is well nice


Getting thinner everyday!
Welcome to you.



Is a loser :)
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well done for chosing LT, if you stick to it you really will see some quick results. I think peoples reaction to you when you tell them about this diet is strange, mainly I think they are negative due to lack of education about this diet. Stick will it the forum will give you some great support and it really will work if you stick to it, good luck!


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Hi and Welcome!

I've lost 36lbs in 11 wks and I've had a couple of low loss weeks (for no apparent reason) so you could probably do it quicker than that.

Good Luck! x


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Most of us completely understand where you are coming from, and have had all the negative comments from friends and family. You just stick to this 100%, no matter what, come on here as much as you can and glean the encouragement and tips from all of us LT'ers and you will soon be bombarded with compliments from all the sceptics. I have to say I have NEVER felt better, my Blood pressure and Cholesterol have dropped from high down to normal, I don't need my asthma pumps anymore, have bags more energy....AND I now look fantastic, if I may say myself......sorry to go on, but this LT diet is great!!!
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I had a similar conversation with the pharmacist on thursday.. i did Lipotrim about 4 years ago, i lost nearly 6 stone in 4 months but even then noone had anything positive to say about Lipotrim!! Needless to say the reason im back is because i went back to my old ways and piled the weight back one in the last few years. I think the HARDEST part of this diet is other peoples attitudes, comments etc... so far ive managed to tell only a few people but im going to keep it to myself for now as i dont need negative comments!

Everyone on here seems really suppportive.... our fat family and friends will regret their comments when were all gorgeous and thin:)


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yes my partner thinks ive lost the plot and run off to coocoo land on a big banana
Roflmao!! :8855:My Hubby & yours have the same feelings!! He thinks I'm insane to not eat?! But he's happy for me to stay on it until I feel ready to stop (Bless!:love:) but jokingly laughs that theres less of me to cuddle every day!

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