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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Slim_daisy, 11 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Hi , I started lipotrim today, day one done and dusted feeling ok. I did LT last September for 2 weeks and did amazing ( lost 14 pounds ) I'm hopeful I can stick at it this time. I don't have any time frame in mind but hoping to reach my target weight of 10st 7 by end if summer. I've wasted so much time being unhappy with my weight and now I'm determined to shift the extra stones I've been carrying around... I want to get slim for ME.

    New to this, just wanted to leave a wee message any help or tips would be greatly appreciated :) Good luck to you all on your individual journeys :)

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  3. tigger22

    tigger22 Silver Member

    Welcome slim daisy
    I hear what your saying about doing it for you , it works , I lost over 4 stone the last time & I want to lose another 3 stone , it gets easier with time , every now and then I get a craving but I drink drink drink 3-4 litres of water daily it does help , this is tmi, but it did suffer with constipation for over 2 weeks & I had 1 lb weigh losses those weeks and they are very disheartening so hoping for good numbers on Thursday . All the best on your journey , and I found just coming on here and reading other peoples stories would inspire you
    Tigger x
  4. jackie4

    jackie4 Member

    Hi I agree with tigger drink drink drink is the key and good luck on your Lt journey and just take it one day at a time .and welcome back x
  5. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Thank you so much Tigger and Jackie :) day 2 almost over, I feel I'm doing great so far, no hunger and I have been drinking water non stop .. It really does work! Feeling positive. Tigger you're right coming on here really does inspire, I used this site before to look up certain things, but only joined yesterday and I think it's great already :D xxxxx
  6. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    Hi how u getting on

    I'm new to the site. I'm on my 2nd day of lipotrim and finding it a lil hard I'm starving im drinking lots of water but don't seem to be helping!

    Hopefully i can get through it
  7. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Hi Natasha stick with it :) it does get easier :) I'm on day 4 now getting on great. I've been drinking loads of water and keeping myself really busy. I have also been drinking a lot of green tea and peppermint tea this has been helping me. Last night I had made my chocolate shake with peppermint tea ( minimins tip :) )and I thought it was lovely felt like a treat :) might have it it this evening again :D

    Best of luck

  8. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    Girls you can do it and posting really helps get through your tough days
    it has for me craving has passed for tonight .,, bring on day 17 ;) keep smiling
  9. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    Try sparkling water it has been great for me ;)
  10. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    My day 3 has went really well , chocolate shake with peppermint sounds gd. Do u use peppermint tea instead of water?
  11. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Yes peppermint tea Natasha May, I love it!! :) week one over and done with big weigh in tomorrow :) I've stuck to it 100% and I'm so excited :D

  12. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    Slim daisy def need to give it try, aww gd luck for your weigh in xx
  13. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Thanks Natasha May. Just back from WI, I'm delighted :) lost 8 pound!! Feeling motivated bring on the next week :D

  14. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    Slim daisy We'll done hunni!!!! can't wait for my WI on Thursday, Good luck for week 2 xxx
  15. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Thanks Natasha May the weight loss is spurring me on! Week 2 off to a good start :D best of luck for tomorrow hun :)

  16. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    That's gd!! Thank you I'll let you know how I get on xx
  17. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    Hey how's you week 2 going? I forgot to come back n let u knw I lost 8 pound in my 1st week xx
  18. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    Hey Natasha May
    Well done you!! :D week 2 hasn't been as good :( WI tomorrow to shake me up and get me back on the straight and narrow :)
    How you getting on?

  19. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    Hi slim daisy aww was you just funding it harder?

    Ive been naughty and stopped lipotrim this week as I've has a very busy week with all my bday celebrations I've been eating but luckily I've only put back on 2 pound which is not bad. I know I shouldn't have but I wanted to enjoy myself this week, come Saturday I'm back on my lipotrim I'm actually looking forward to it let me know how u get on at your WI in Hun xxxx
  20. Slim_daisy

    Slim_daisy Member

    I was very bad at the weekend lol I was celebrating my sister's birthday and didn't do LT at all for 3 days, still had a loss of 2 pound today so I'm really delighted :) Im focused now and really want a good loss next week!! We can do this :D :D

  21. Lausan

    Lausan Member

    Reading through this is motivating! i have struggled with motivating my self on my weight loss journey and just reading through your thread Slim_daisy i feel like am ready to take on. day one tomorrow. will tell you how it goes.

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