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New to Olistat


I started taking Orlistat last monday and I was so relieved to finally have a doctor agree that I needed help to lose the weight! I've been told to follow a low GI diet while I take the pills but to be honest I'm just so scared to eat anything for fear of the "side effects"!

It is the best incentive NOT to reach for the mid afternoon biscuit, or to say "sod it" when i'm offered someone's birthday cake. It just goes to show that will power is one thing but fear of an embarrassing "accident" is another!

My first weigh in at the doctors in on Wednesday morning and I'm really hoping to see a decent weight loss.

I was so glad to find this site and to see that people are going through the same as me and coming out the other side much healthier and slimmer.

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Hi and Welcome Clare
Have a look at the xenical information for new starters its a sticky at the top of the xenical forum if you haven't found it already. It is good as it explains about eating only foods with 5% fat or less and no more than 45g fat per day to avoid side effects and stick to the plan.
Are you going weekly to the docs for weigh in? I have to go monthly- this is only my first month on them and my weigh in is on 22nd.

Rach x
hi and thank you, I'll check out the info post. Although to be honest the leaflet in with my pills says not to have any more than 30g of fat in a day and to spread that over my 3 meals, so 10g per meal. I'm on 120mg tablets and I did check that the alli version are only 60mg, so I am being REALLY careful!!

That said I'm not very good at keeping an exact check on my fat content but as I live on my own I tend to cook in bulk and then freeze small meals, so the fat is spread quite far. For example I have made the most delicious (even if I do say so myself) soup! it's carrot, swede, and mixed beans. I blended it up and then added some full fat(!) (I must be mad!) Philidelphia into it. I've had a small bowl for my dinner tonight and will probably get about 6 more out of it, so the actual fat content per meal shouldn't be too bad. Well at least thats what I'm hoping!!


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Hi again
Is it 30g? I know some say 30 and some say 45. If I'm honest I tend to be nearer 30g a day anyway so probs why I haven't been struggling with effects.
I think most people on here are on the 120mg tabs rather than alli.
I'm not much of a soup person I more like my jacket spuds with tuna or beans for a quick meal. Anyway I hope all goes well for you
Rach x
Just re read the leaflet and it says 30% of my daily fat not 30g as i first thought.

needless to say I'm going to find it even harder to keep track of my fat now that i need to look at a % of my daily intake!!

Oh well, so far I've not had any major side effects so I must be within the limits and I'm upping my intake of vegetables to bulk up my meals.

Thanks again for your replies, it really is great to know I'm not alone on these little blue pills x


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You are never alone. Always loads of support on minis :D
Hiya clare, i started the wednesday gone, and i agree its worrying even eating a proper meal incase of side effects lol x