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New to SF - Some Questions

Hi there,
Wonder if you could help please?
Is there any limit on having black coffee with sweetners?
I'm only having around 1000cals a day is this ok or will it affect the diet going wrong?
I'm starting to exercise in the evenings as have just bought an exercise bike, any clues to how long I should be doing each night?
The one balanced meal you are allowed does it matter if you have it for lunch or dinner?
I've been drinking 2l of water each day, is that enough?

Thank you
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you can have the balanced meal for lunch or dinner thats fine, im not sure about the coffee as i dont drink it and doing 2 litres of water a day is good wish i had that will power, exercise depends on how much you need to lose i tend to try 3 times a week at 30 mins even tho i do a zumba class once a week for an hour
Laura, my traner at the gym told me that on the home bikes you should pedal till you have a 'light sheen' not a sweat and maintain this for about 20mins - 30 mins, that way your not getting your heart rate up too much and you will be burning fat not building muscle!!!

That is good to know because I was wondering how long to ride the bike as well. I'm not sure if I can do 20-30 min right from the start but it gives me something to work towards.
my hubby does it in miles, he started at 2 miles and is now up to about 8, he just increased the amount of miles by 1 each week. or the other thing to change is the resistance..the higher the resistance the harder you pedal , level 6 is normally a 'rest or standard' level so start there and just increase it once you feel comfy - i do mine in front of Eastenders or Corrie!! 1/2 hour flies by!!!! LOL
Well last night I managed to do 25 mins and burnt off 245 calories of the 995 calories i consumed yesterday! So not bad going! And I definately had a sheen on me!
Does anyone know about the coffee with sweetners? I hope its ok as am having one now!! xx
Hi Laura! there's about 2-5 cals in a black coffee and nearly all sweeteners are calorie free so not much to worry about, I drink tea with skimmed milk and sweetener all the time and don't count it in my allowance because i can't live without out it! :rolleyes:
Thanks bubbles, thats great to know, and to be honest I wasnt going to count it in my allowance either as thought it would just be hardly any cals. I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome on my first weigh in as at the moment I feel really good and positive even though it is my 2nd day!! Lol
Woo hoo!!!:talk017:

Well done little miss 'Im not sure i can do 20-30 mins right from the start'!!!!!!! :whacky068:

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