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New to site !!


Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need
Hi all , decided to join the site as seem to lost motivation and disipline to do it alone anymore !! Been struggling with my weight now for about 10 years back in 2004 I weighed 21st 11 and managed in a year to get down to 14st by 2005 using the old slimming world books but weight has been gradually gaining in the last 5 years . A change of jobs 3 years ago to a desk job has really had an impact and I'm not playing my football anymore. I thought that by sharing the experience this could help me keep the motivation going as I think I will not want anyone who knows I'm doing this to think I'm failing !!!!! I have not even told my wife yet . I'm really starting to worry for my health and were planning to start a family but my weight and diet have effected my sperm count and motility . I've just returned from holiday where I caught a glimpse of myself in full window with just my shorts on and I'm truly ashamed I've let myself get here again . I know my wife secretly is worried about my health but does not want to embarrass me by commenting . She's amazing and I don't wanna cause her anymore worry so I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with you all . I'm gonna do the dreaded first step on to the scales today so can anyone recommend a good site that I can record and track performance but share it with others . Cheers ken
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You're on the right site Ken. I joined this forum not so long ago. I also have my own sentiments and tried to look for an outlet where I could express my feelings and of course divert my attention. Embarrassed to admit, my boyfriend left me few months ago. I don't know but maybe he thought I don't look attractive to him anymore. He has somebody new. Well, i don't really care anymore. But anyway, joining this forum made me feel better, aside from taking the pills that I'm on currently. I learned a lot from the members on how to become healthier. Yes, you can make your own thread here to track your development. Share your experiences and you don't know how many people you're inspiring. Good Luck on your journey. I hope all is always well with you and your lovely wife.
Hi Ken

Well done on taking the first step. I find this website brillant. I know if i'm having a bad day or week, I can come here and people know how i'm feeling. It also works the other way if i have a good WI i can't weight to come here and share it.

Good luck with your weight loss journey and remember that once you join here you are never alone.
Welcome onboard Ken. A lot of us have diaries to record our thoughts and results. There is also a monthly challenge thread where we set a mini-target for the month.

Most people seem to use My Fitness Pal for recording food intake and working out calorie allowances. If you want to do Slimming World again they have their own sub-forum which is very active.


Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need
Thanks guys !!!!! I'm a bit of a technophobe so it may take me a bit of time to find my way around the site and it looks like I can't get access to diaries and some other areas ......... Is this normal on your first day or do I need to complete registration somewhere ???? I've weighed myself today and I've got a big challenge ahead but I'm looking forward to starting knowing I'm not alone . Starting weight of 20st 8lb and I'm heading for 14st , more importantly I wanna get down to 34 waist that's what I was when last doing Sw . That's 5 pants sizes !!!!!! Can't wait to be able to walk into a shop and pick any pair of jeans I like instead of rifling through back of every rail just hoping that they just have a 46 in anything !!!!!! Will try and sort my diary soon . Xxx
I think you have to have a certain number of posts before getting full access to everything in the website. There's a tutorial page here, you may want to check, just to be sure.

Welcome again and am happy that you decided to join this website for your journey.
Hi good luck with your weight loss journey :)
Thanks guys all the best of luck to you too !!!!! Got my diary on now and big weigh in on sat !!!
Good Luck Fatken. Update us immediately after the first weigh in. We are all excited.
bubblensqueak said:
Hello I am a newbie to!! Good luck to you!!! xx
Hi bubblensqueak good luck with ur weight loss x


Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need
Hi guys sorry that I'm bit late posting my weigh in details . At the end of my first week I lost total of 10lb ( did weigh in after 5 days only because I was setting up my fitness plan on wii fit and it done body test and I'd lost 8lb then ) hope week 2 goes as well although I probably lost fair bit of fluid !!!!!! Gonna start putting daily food on my diary . Will keep ye posted !!


Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need
Luan1979 said:
Im new yesterday. Good luck Ken hope it's going well for you. Your wife is a stunner x
Thanks luan and the best of luck to you too !!!!! I know I landed on my feet with jen !!! It must be the personality !! He he !!!! Are you on Sw ?

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