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Green Days New to Slimming World....help

Hi guys, I'm new to Slimming World and this forum. I'm on my second day, and have kept a diary of what I have been eating, I was wondering if someone can please have a quick look at it and give me some tips on what I'm doing right/wrong, as I truly do not want to fail on YET another diet! I am really sorry if I've posted this on the wrong bit of the forum. :confused: ps- I'm following mainly Green days as I don't eat meat, but do eat fish from time to time. pps- I'm not a member of a SW group, I'm just following the plan from home on my own.

Kind Regards, Ruth.

Slimming World Food DiaryMonday 1st NovemberBreakfast- 1 Slice wholemeal toast 1 Asda light cheese triangle
Lunch-Microwaveable Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice (whole packet)Garden Peas. Dash of soy sauce
Dinner-Quorn Bolognaise, made up of...Quorn Mince, Tin of chooped tomatoes, 1 Knorr beef stock cube, 1tbsp tomato puree, 1tbsp tomato ketchup, Fresh garlic, Herbs Mushrooms, Onions, Medium portion of pasta, 150ml glass of red wine (used for cooking in the sauce)
Drinks - 500ml bottle of Diet Coke2ltrs Water

Tuesday 2nd NovemberBreakfast-1 slice wholemeal toast, 1 Asda light cheese triangle
Lunch-Medium baking potato, Small portion of last nights Quorn bolognaise
Snack-Banana, approx 20g sultanas
Dinner-Quorn Chicken Madras, made up of...Quorn Chicken style pieces, Tin of chopped tomatoes, 2tbsp of natural yogurt, Onions, Green pepper, 1 Knorr chicken stock cube, Fresh garlic, 3tsp of madras powder, Large salad - Baby leaf lettuce Cucumber Red onion 1 hard boiled egg
Drinks-3ltrs water, 175ml glass of red wine, 500ml bottle of Diet Coke
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Count your syns seriously it is so easy to trip up by not counting and getting into a "oh I'll just use my syns for that" mentality.

Where are your Healthy Extras also? A few signs of things which could be but barely any HEA to speak of and not 2x HEb for green.
Also, I notice you have one triangle of Asda cheese. If it is a healthy extra A you can have 5 of those. If not you would have to syn it. Also, (and just my opinion) do you really need tomato puree, tomato ketchup and wine as part of the sauce? as those are all syns too (i think).

Count all your syns separate - remember even a bit of spread on bread/toast, use all your healthy extras too.

Ensure you get at least your 5-a-day fruit and veg (as all free) and if you have a sweet tooth, Muller Light yoghurt are syn-free (100g pots).

My big tip is to vary the range of foods and even try stuff you haven't before or what you never liked much before.

If ever in doubt throw a baked potato in the oven and fill a plate with mixed salad!

Good luck and happy optimising :D



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Hi ya,
Much the same as the others have said.
On a GREEN day you can have 1 or 2 HEA and 2 HEB
Your bread could be a HEB ( double check the loaf size ) The light triangle on its own doesnt make up a HEA, so you can have more :)
But cant see a 2nd HEB
day 1 syns come from puree, ketchup and wine.
Try to have more fruit adn veggies, although not compulsory for GREEN, its still reconmemnded to have 1/3 superfree.

similar on day 2
Thanks guys! Wow I didn't realise I could have up to 5 of the cheese triangles as Healthy Extra (A's). I'm just trying to get my head around it all. I'm of mediterranean origin and I have to have sauces packed with flavour Steve, it's my weakness, I couldn't just pour some pasata, for example, over pasta and eat it, as I'd find it bland as anything, would probably leave it and head straight for the biscuit tin :) Plus I found it a good way to get some sins in as the Quorn, veg and pasta were all free, and I've read it's important to use your Syns. (btw can you tell I'm an "over-thinker"?)
I will be stocking up on the Muller Lights though, thanks for the tip!

I only counted the one slice of brown bread as my healthy B's as it was a large loaf....is that wrong? Sorry I'm being totally thick here, I've always followed the Weight Watchers school of thought, (which can at times leave you scared to actually eat), and my main problem at the minute is trying to forget their theories and eating patterns so I can learn the SW way. Kind Regards, Ruth.

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