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New to SW

Hi guys (o:

I started on SW two weeks ago now, the first week I lost 4lb and I have just weighted in at a 1lb loss, I'm pretty gutted!! I do have a question...this last week I ate out two nights and compensated by having 4 days without any syns. Could this contribute to the small weight loss? I heard that you should really have a minimum of 5 syns a day and if I have an evening out I should write that day off and start again the next.

Can someone please clarify this for me? thank you so much (o:
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well done on your loss so far, as a loss is loss right? i remember right at start losing only a pound second week and wondered what i'd done wrong.

i do find if i don't eat enough then i don't lose much, funny as it sounds. If i know i'm going out i save syns and leave myself 5 a day. But if i do go off the wagon (we all do sometimes) imake sure i get on it the next day.

Also you need to find what days work for you, for me i get bloated on green days and find i don't lose much so tend to have a couple of these WI day and day after and then tend to stick mainly to red

Hope this helps a bit
Hi Lucy and welcome :)
I think a 5lb loss in 2 weeks is fantastic! I don't know how much you've got to lose but 1-2lbs a week is a good, steady loss and something you should be pleased about. Some weeks you'll lose more and others less. Very few of us replicate our first week's losses.

Flexible syns do work for some people. My consultant said we could have 105 a week to use in any way we thought, but if it didn't work then she'd have us back on 10-15 a day.
I think it depends what you ate on your evenings out, and whether you synned it.
Also, some people suggest if you go over on your syns, you should draw a line under it and continue the next day as normal, with a usual amount of syns.

I am sure if you continue with it that you'll have a good loss again next week!
Thanks very much! perhaps that is why my weight loss is less this week as I have gone days without any syns at all...I will do as you have suggested. Green days do not make me bloated but I guess I should see which makes me loose the most weight (mostly green one week, mostly red the next).

On average, how much should I be loosing a week??about 2lb?
I think everyone's body reacts differently to a change in eating habits and you have to give yours time to adjust. You may find some weeks you have a bigger loss than others and some you may stay the same, but as long as you stick to plan you will lose the weight. You have to look at the bigger picture sometimes and 5lb loss in 2 weeks is fab..well done
I agree with the others Hun. 5lbs in 2 weeks is a steady 2.5lb a week loss and thats good.
Do you keep a diary of what you eat? I find for me this helps otherwise somethings could slip through without me noticing or remembering!
Also, what days are you doing? Dont forget, your first week will always be a good loss in comparison to some of the following weeks.
Good luck with your journey and you are doing fine!