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Morning everyone!

Well today is day 4 of my Lipotrim journey and to be honest it isnt going as bad as i expected thanksfully. Ive had an addiction with food since i was a baby but since the birth of my baby last year and my wedding next year i have finally decided to put the fork down and do something about it!

I have been on many diets ranging from Atkins to Slimming World and yes ive lost weight but because i can eat food ive always thought in my head "well if i can eat a little bit of this i can eat a little bit of that" and i never stick to eat coz i love my food!

Im only 25 and my weight almost matches my age which i am horrified at. I started the Lipotrim diet on Tuesday and so far (according to my scales) ive lost 9lbs in 4 days!!!! I cant believe it, im over the moon. I needed to do something drastic in order to shift my weight and this looks to be doing the job.

I was told days 2-3 would be the hardest coz thats when the headaches kick in, but luckily ive had none of that yet. The only downside of the diet at the minute is my shocking mood swings. Im fine all day at work as im not around people eating coz you're not allowed to eat at your desk, but when i get home and my partner starts making his tea its awful. I know he has to eat but i just wish i wasnt there when he does. Thankfully he does eat in a separate room but the smell still lingers haha! Im sure it will get better with time... i hope so anyway!

Is there anyone else just starting out on their Lipotrim journey and want to "team up" to compare thoughts & feelings about it? Id appreciate any tips for continuing weight loss or just a chat so please get in touch!!
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My names Jody, and today is day one of LT! :) I have about 5 stone to loose, and like you I need to totally cut out food because I end up obsessing over it and constantly thinking about what I can (and mainly can't!!) eat :( I am really determined to do this, and have read loads of success stories to spur me on! When I think about food I'm just gonna pop on here and have a rant!! Oh I'm also trying to drink as much water as poss!!
Good luck everyone!! ;) xx
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Hi my name is Caroline and i am on day 2. I haven't had any headaches(touch wood) and i have am not hungry or craving any food at all-i sat quite happily watching my daughter eat ice cream and my niece eat pizza and wasn't tempted (its nice to know i can do it). That's probably because at the moment eating solid food is really hard.

I have Lupus so exercising can be hard, as it causes really painful joints. But i have a wii and also Zumba DVDs which are fantastic.I found being active yesterday worked really well. I am back at work next week which will be testing, but as i only work part time i am sure i will be ok.

I had my ovaries removed a few years ago and it sent me into the menopause with a bang. My weight has gone up since then. I don't eat that bad to be honest, can't say i stuff myself with all the wrong foods. Its a combination of alot of things, not being as active, the Lupus and menopause.

This diet is best for me at the moment as it will give my stomach time to heal and also hopefully losing some weight will help.

My only gripe is that i hate water!! well plain water anyway. But i guess its like anything new, you learn to get used to it. I like my decaf tea with sweetners though and i drink it even if its cold!!! I try and drink about a litre of just water though.

This forum is amazing and people have had such amazing results. To be honest i am just going to wait and see what my first weigh in will be, a little is better than none at all. But it would be great to start off really well.

Wish you all the best and it will be great to have a buddy or two:)
S: 23st3lb C: 22st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 0st11lb(3.38%)
Thanks for your replies! This forum does seem great. When ive dieted before ive never looked in to other support but i came across this site when i was looking in to LT. It is nice to know im not the only one with massive goals to reach and i just hope that we can all do it together! Thanks again for your support :D

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Good luck ladies you can do it! :) im in my 6th week and ive had many ups and downs. I have had days where its been easy as pie and days where ive just cried all day. BUT ive lost 22.5lbs in 5 weeks, i feel great and im getting tons of compliments. You cant find anything better than that. So when it gets tough think of your goal think of the end result you will get there and it is truely amazing:) good luck girlies xxx

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Hiya Jody, Caroline and LTWD2012! Just wanted to say a big welcome to you all. :D

Jody - you are so right about the inspirational stories and support on this forum. Every stone you lose, you just feel better and better. Enjoy the ride!
Caroline - cor, it sounds like you've had a lot to deal with medically, poor soul. Good luck with the water, hun!
2012- like you, I love my food but with that wedding to plan for next year, you couldn't have a better motivation to slim for. I hope the old mood swings settle down soon. I think it was Squeeze that said our hormones are boosted on this diet so it might help? As you say, it's a good time to put the fork down.
Good luck to you all ladies! ;)
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hiya.. my names michelle and its day 3 for me today and going well. i had a sneeky weigh into day and iv lost 7lbs in 3 days woop altho im not holding my breath till i get weighed at my chemist even tho both scales weigh me the same i don want to feel disapointed. try not 2 keep weighing urelf after this 1st week as it becomes obsesive( beleive me im the biggest winner 4 that) and it can get u down. im almost 21 stone so i know how u feel. it may seem like u have loads to loose but if u stck to this 100% it willcome offin no time. i did this before at 20st 2lbs and lost 6 stone in 12 weeks but due to me being stupid i piled it all bk on and more.so now im taking it a day a a time, i bought myself a kinexand a few games and will be on that 2night if im not feeling to tired as i did yesturday lol soooooo cant wait till week 2 ur energy levels go tru the roof well it did 4 me :)
S: 23st3lb C: 22st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 0st11lb(3.38%)
soooooo cant wait till week 2 ur energy levels go tru the roof well it did 4 me :)
i hope its the same for me too!! haha! i have to say last night was the hardest night so far for me as it was friday night and this is the night that we would usually get a take away so its all i was thinking about. the weathers nice and sunny today so i think im gonna get the babs in the pram and get out somewhere to take my mind off eating. The headache seems to have kicked in today though so im just generally feeling down, plus i dont know whether or not its hunger im feeling too. I havent felt hungry at all for the past 4 days but today somethings going on in my belly :sigh: i hope my weigh in on monday spurs me on to continue coz at the minute i feel cack! mind you this could be a one off and i could be back to normal tomoro! hope so anyway x
S: 23st4lb C: 21st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st9lb(7.06%)
welcome to the the new members!! on day 13 here and had a few wobbly days but got through them and looking forward to 2nd weigh in tomorrow!

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