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New to the Cambridge Diet

:)Hi, my name is Cody and last Friday (4th of Jan 08) i started the CD at 15st 13.5lbs. As i am only 5ft 1in, i have nearly 7st to lose!!! My aim is 9st! Tomorrow will be my first weigh in and i will pick up my second week of shakes, soups and bars. I'd love to get to know and share with others here who are also on this journey. Support each other ;)
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Good luck morrow xx
Keep posting the good and the bad we are all here for support xx


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Hey Cody!! Welcome to Minis! Firstly well done for getting through your first week! :happy096: The first week is the hardest so good for you for getting through it! I've started SS again today and have just over 7 stone to lose! Make sure you keep drinking the water and the weight will fall off! Good luck!
Hey, welcome to minimins! You'll find invaluable support here, and total honesty. Check in regularly, especially when things are hard goin.

How has it been? xxx


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Hey Cody! Good luck with your WI - let us know how you do.


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Hi Cody and welcome!! Im sure you will be really pleased with your weigh in results tomorrow. Keep posting and keep drinking.
Hi, Cody!

I've just started the diet too and have immense respect for anyone who has completed even a single day - good luck in your efforts!

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Welcome and good luck with the WI - it's gonna be fab!!



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Hi - I'm new

Hi de hi!
I'm new aswell and I have only been on the programme since Mon... Wishing hte next 2 wks away like no one's business:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:.... So I can have my first tasters of this larger than average weightloss.
My best friend is 2'' shorter than you and just over 15st but feels unable to commit to the programme at the moment.
I'm just taking each day 1 at a time. Good luck - go for it.... I'm a 1970'er aswell ;)


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Hi there Cody :D
I'm new to all this too! I'm on day 3 today, and have been 100% so far - very easily! Had a bit of a rumbly tumbly yest, but didnt at any point think to actually eat anything! Havent a clue if i'm in ketosis yet, but havent felt hungry since starting, and feel really positive about it all! My CDC is a really lovely Lady called Toni, and she's just fab! Good luck with it all, not that i think you'll need it! This place is fab for advice, support, inspiration, and just a blether with folk in the same boat - they all great!

Lors x
WOW! Thankyou to EVERYONE...

who has left a message here for me! I'm actually overwhelmed, lol! :D Yes i got weighed yesterday and i have lost 9.5lbs in my first week! Very happy! Me down to 15/4 now. I found my first week surprisingly easy. First 2 nights i had to go to bed early as i was hungry,lol! The morning after starting the diet i had a headache which soon lifted. Day 5 i was struggling a little but pushed through it!!
I have to admit i was struggling with the water as i'm not a water drinker at the best of times:eek: When i saw my CDC yesterday she said i was drinking the minimum amount of water (4pts per day) and that i should try to drink more. Only thing is, yesterday and today i've gone up to 5pts but i'm REALLY struggling:sigh: I'm thinking about buying the powders and giving them a go and use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night which means i'd only be drinking plain water 3 times rather than 5 - anyone tried them? The way in which i get through the bad breath is to chew Chewing Gum, sugar free of course. I think without it i would struggle even more, total life saver!


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Yes i got weighed yesterday and i have lost 9.5lbs in my first week!

Well done for such a big loss!! Congrats! I alway find drinking all the water difficult but a good way to up your intake is to make sure you always have a bottle of water with you and just have sips every now and then, that way you get the extra water without noticing it too much.
Haven't tried the powders.......yet. Hope next week goes well. xx


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S: 24st3lb G: 14st0lb
Hi again Cody - WELL DONE!!! Must be a fab feeling! Congrats! You're well on the way now hun!
I'm the same as you with the water thing hun - am getting my 4 pints of water, and maybe an odd mug o tea but that it! Really feel like i have to force it down cos before doing the CD i would hardly remember to drink anything! Tis a struggle, but a struggle we'll get thru!
L x

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