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New to the site


I just came across this site when searching for a points value. I started WW this time last year a few months after i separated from my husband. I was 2lbs from 10% and gave up as it bounced about the 10% mark and i got frustrated. Now i am 1.5st heavier than the original weight :cry: The final straw was a stretch mark appearing on my tummy. I am not going to meetings this time as i cant afford to so relying on my mum to keep me on the straight and narrow (she's a gold member). Half way through day one and have been filling in my food diary. Pilates tonight though :)
I just hope i can manage this time. I have CFS and when my energy levels are at their lowest my exercise goes out the window and i eat rubbish, thats going to the biggest challenge.
Hmmm a rather large hello :eek:

Jude x
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Welcome!!! :D you'll have loads of people encouraging you to do well here :D


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:welcome: and good luck with the plan. This site is great for help and support. I look forward to hearing how you get on :D
Hello ;)
I too was doing ww this tme last year when I found out my OH wasnt behaving :cry:and I too stopped going......

I started a fresh 1st March 11 weeks ago and my 10 week weigh-in monday Id lost 1st 9lbs.

I was nearly the same weight as you 242lbs and on the verge of seeing a consultant for a gastric band (appointment was booked) I tried 2-3 other plans before ww but love ww so I thought this is my last shot 22 years of yoyoing makes it hard.

So I decided to do it alone at home I did join ww online but tbh never use it and come here.
I comfort eat not large amounts just junk and grab what ever is around before ww this time.

SO I have a long way to go but I feel I will do it had a hard hard week emotionally last week struggled but stayed on track with everyones help on here. There are so many lovely people on here and there is always someone around who knows whats what.

SO well done and before you know it summer will be here and you'll be slimmer again before you know it :D

We all know how you feel and it seems daunting but try and forget last years loss and gain and start this with a clean slate.
You deserve it and you deserve to feel happy ;) xx


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hello and welcome to the forums :)

I often come on here in the evening when feeling like packing everything in, and it really helps me get back on track:eek:

look forward to 'chatting' soon


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Hiya! I have CFS/ME too, I'm in a good place at the moment with it but have been bed bound with it in the past. I know what its like grabbing for food to try and keep your eyes open some days but try and grab for fruit like a banana as that energy boost will be more sustained than a mars bar. xxx
Hi all, new to the site too. Been trying to do ww this week, found it so easy just to have something 'bold' in the evenings. But now that Ive found this site, I am so inspired by people's stories on here. Feel the power to be good!
hi Im new to the forum today too. Ive never been on something like this before but found it really useful when i had a look the other day. Im currently on the sw plan following the extra easy plan and so far so good just need to lose 1lb this thurs to make it to half a stone loss so im hoping that ive done it. Good luck to everyone else and look forward to trying to get to grips with how i to use site etclou x


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Hello and welcome im a newbie too

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